Article by Wes Whitfield.

Prom season is upon us and whether you’re a Gothic Princess or a Modern Cyberpunk everyone wants to look amazing. So here are some simple tips to putting together that perfect unique outfit.


The Classic.

If you want to stick to the Classic Princess Look but with an alternative twist then look no further than Punk Rave’s Baroness Dress. This dress doesn’t need much accessorising to make it shine. However, partnering it with some elbow high gloves is the perfect way to accentuate its gothic feel. Statement gemstone earrings such as Restyles’ Vivian earrings in mint or violet are also a great way to add a bit of colour to your outfit. To compliment your earrings, we recommend a gorgeous Concrete Minerals Unity eyeshadow. To finish off the look, pair with the fabulous Bordello Kitten 35 Glitter Low Heels.

This dress is also great for the more Steampunk among you. Just pair it with Hade’s Oxford Steampunk boots, a clockwork-themed fascinator, and necklace such as the Mechanism pendant by Fantasmagoria to instantly move from a Gothic to a Steampunk look.  

These tips work great for any long dress, or even skirt and corset combo. Just don’t forget to wear a petticoat to really make the most of your floor length gown.  


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The Modern.

Contrary to popular belief, the perfect prom dress doesn’t necessarily have to be floor length. A short dress can be just as formal yet will give you an edgy modern look. For example, Punk Raves Faun Dress Corset and Skirt, which has the gothic princess feel as the Baroness dress but with a twist.

If you are going to go with a short dress, invest in some killer statement heels and some good pantyhose, as your legs will be the star of the show. Hades Predator Black Heels or Orion Ankle boots are great options. To accessories, you can add some simple statement pieces such as the Tombstone Horror Hairclips

However, if you still want to have a floor length gown but want something a little less princess and a little more contemporary then go for the Shadow Skirt by Punk Rave. It’s modern, elegant, and can be accessorized to match of variety of looks. To give your outfit a punk edge, stick with leather accessories such as Fantasmagoria’s Four Buckle Wristcuff. Alternatively, rhinestone bordellos will give you that sexy cabaret look.


Click here to create this gorgeous modern combo!

Click here to create this gorgeous modern combo!

The Budget.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury to spend hundreds on a single outfit. But fear not, a complete and brilliantly alternative prom outfit is possible for $150 or less. Many Rockabilly styles are perfect for prom whilst still being affordable. For example, try Chicstar’s $59 Archaize dress with some simple heels, such as Pleaser’s Cute Black Patent Heel also for $59. The unique collar of the Archaize dress means that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind dress and be able to save money on accessories.  Add a bracelet or a earrings such as Restyle Birdcage Victorian for $22.95 and you’ll have a complete outfit for just over $140!


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