Frightening Lighting

Jack-o’-lanterns are the spookiest way to light up your Halloween lair, but carving pumpkins can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily there are some easy and equally creepy alternatives.


The Paper Bag Lantern


The Spooky Spirit Jug


Glowing Ghost Balloons



The Haunted House

Next up, you’ll of course want to transform your humble house into Dracula’s castle. Thankfully, you won’t need an army of workers and a quarry full of stone to do that. All it takes is just some string, cardboard, and a twisted imagination.


String Spider Web




Horrifying Window Silhouettes


Spooky Bat Lamp



Creepy Treats

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without the diabetes inducing candy. Sadly, most sugary treats are less haunted house and more rainbow. However, there are some easy ways to make your skittles a bit more sinister.


Creepy Candy Bowl


Ghost Lollipops


Spider Web Basket

Vampire Caramel Apples