It's getting close to that time of the year again! Everybody is frantically shopping for those last minute gifts, whilst you subconsciously laugh because you had your gifts sorted months ago, thanks to Tragic Beautiful (But, if you haven't got it sorted, what are you waiting for? Get them a Tragic Gift Certificate). The festive season is a fantastic time for alternative ladies and gents. A time to dress up fabulously, get away with eating yummy treats 24/7 and adorn your house with fun decorations.


If you fly on the darker side, here are some easy ideas to add a little goth sparkle to your Christmas. 


Have An Alt Tree

Don't have a tree sorted yet?! Black/White/Twig trees are available everywhere and look pretty amazing. You can dress them up with any colours you like, however our personal favourite is purple and black. You could also cover the tree in less hanging decorations and add cobwebs for a spooky feel. 


Customise Anything!

Spray paint gold reindeers (or anything!) with black and add glitter, paint your display candy canes with black nail varnish, wrap candles in lace and make big bows from black lace or ribbon. So many cheap and unique ways to customise everyday Christmas decorations to give them a gothic twist!


Wrap It In Black

Wrap your gifts in black paper and use a complimentary coloured ribbon to really stand out. Can you guess we love the purple ribbon and black paper combo?


Skull Baubles

What’s a gothic Christmas without skulls? You can purchase plain foam skulls from Spotlight and spray paint them any colour you like and of course, dip them in glitter for some Christmas sparkle.


Bring Out The Halloween Décor

There is no reason you cant use your Halloween decorations for Christmas! Bring out those spooky garlands and fake spiders to adorn your Christmas tree.


Christmas Music

We all know it is terrible, however to get into the spirit you need to have some festive tunes! So, to keep things bearable, we suggest Emilie Autumn and Marilyn Manson.


Christmas TV

If you’re like me and struggle to tolerate the Christmas specials (how many times can I be made to watch The Polar Express??) then you need to take control and bring out the big guns. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult favourite. Horror films such as Sleepy Hallow and The Blair Witch Project are perfect for when it is dark outside. Or, there are always re-runs of Doctor Who or Tim Minchin’s shows which are perfect.


Creepy Drinks

Create a creepy spin on popular holiday alcoholic drinks with these recipes. "When we're together darling, every night is Halloween" - Morticia Adams


Look The Part

Christmas isn't complete without the perfect outfit to match. Find your dream dress here or checkout our range of killer makeup.


Holiday Nails

Looking for something a little more out there this holiday season? Checkout our list of nail tutorials to find out what's perfect for you! 


Christmas Games

Games are an abolsute must! Checkout this awesome guide to Victorian Christmas Games which are suitable for the whole family.