Article by Wes Whitfield

If you’re anything like me you’d happily spend the rest of your days in drainpipes and leather jackets. However, even the most committed anarchist needs to eat, and unfortunately not every employer is as appreciative of a good Mohawk as you are. So, here are a few simple ways to keep the boss happy without having to give up your style.


1. The Hair

If you want to get your Manic Panic on but your boss isn’t so keen on the idea I have one word for you: Red. Red hair can be just as dramatic and in-your-face as say blue, or green, but because Red is a ‘natural’ colour most employers don’t have an issue with it. There’s also a shade for every possible look, from an intense orange to a more neutral auburn. Black is always a great option, too - alternative and professional. Accessorise hair with edgy clips and pins, such as the Restyle Hairclips!


Click the pic to create this combo! Perfect blend of professional and alternative!



2. The Shoes

If you want to go for a punk look, invest in a pair of Dr. Martens Mary Jane’s or 1461s. Dr. Martens boot have always gone hand in hand with Punk culture and these particular styles keep the utilitarian feel that the famous boots have, whilst still staying work friendly. You could also opt for a less expensive Creeper. Creepers don’t need embellishments to give them an underground feel. They’re also great if your job involves being on your feet all day. If you're going for a sexy pinup or rockabilly look, you can't go wrong with a pair of Amuse Bordellos, perfect with any skirt, pant or shorts. Avoid shoes with any obvious embellishments, like large studs or shoes that are too high, as it can put employers off.


Click the pic to create this combo! Perfect blend of professional and rockabilly!



3. The Clothes

Unfortunately, most retail work places come with a uniform or dress code that dictates what kind of top you can wear. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your bottom half. If you're aiming for something close to a psychobilly or rockabilly look then life is easy for you. Just put on your favourite pencil skirt, which is conveniently both a rockabilly and office staple. However, if you’re looking for something a little more gothic or skate punk then go with a plain kilt skirt.

If you do work in a corporate/office environment without a uniform, then that's even better! Keep the whole outfit professional without skulls, motifs, out there colours, rips etc. Checkout our suggested combo below. You can pair a black or red pencil skirt with a Restyle Military shirt. Accessorise with a Rock Rebel handbag, Restyle Antique Wonderland Hairclip and Bordello Amuse heels.


A gorgeous combo, giving your office style sass and edge. Click the pic to create this look!


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Pair black with pale pastel accessories for a striking ensemble! Click the pic to create this combo!