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Special Effects Kits

11 total items

11 total items

Goth Cosmetic Kits

If you want a detailed and authentic look but you’re regular cosmetic kits are letting you down, special effects kits are the solution you’ve been looking for!
The selection at Tragic Beautiful includes high quality special effects kits that are great for themed events, Halloween or even daily wear if... more you want to really impress.
You can complete at variety of looks such as vampire, witch and slash victim and the each product helps in a different way.
For the vampire effect the fake fangs and realistic looking blood can help you create a “just bitten” look while the foam blood capsules which bleed when bitten are a great way to add an extra wow factor to an outfit.
With leading brands like Bloody Mary bringing you the range you can be assured you’ll get quality and never again turn to the $2 dollar store for your special effects kits.  less

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