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23 total items


Hades shoes designs are perfect if you’re after something a little more extravagant, without compromising on elegance. They’re perfect for the chick that wants to something awe-inspiring, and is sick of all the plain, boring and simply uninspired shoes in regular stores.Rebel against the mainstream and... more express you personality confidently and loudly with Hades.There are dozens of designs to choose from, all crafted with care to ensure the best quality.Hades are also able to make your shoe to order, this process will take about 10-14 days so please contact us for more info if you would like this option. less

Disturbia Clothing

Disturbia Clothing aren't turning heads, we're rolling 'em. Fabricated Discord since 2003. A portmanteau of the words disturb and suburbia. Stay perfectly still while we read your mind. Who the hell is disturbia? You've always known us, you just didn't see it. Drop your pop culture, reverse your... more sterotypes and lets get f**ked up. Quirky, gothic, edgy fashion. Amazing dresses. Blackest of black t-shirts.  less

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