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42 total items

42 total items

Directions Hair Dye

Directions hair dyes give you the hair colours you want, but can’t find in your mainstream beauty stores.Finding the exact colour you want can be difficult, but with true to life products you can expect to rock the look you see in the picture. Trust in the quality behind Directions and know exactly which... more colour you’ll be getting.La RicheDirections hair dyes are all vegan and never tested on animals. The dyes are long lasting and vibrant and will work on most hair types. We do recommend pre-lightening your hair for more intense results.  less

Jawbreaker Clothing

Jawbreaker clothing features a fantastic mix of vintage, retro, rock, punk, rockabilly and pinup motifs creating a truly unique vibe. With fantastic design teams behind the brand Jawbreaker clothing has been designed with the wearer in mind and is able to compliment curves and bring out the best features of... more your body shape.  less

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