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11 total items

Pyon Pyon

Pyon Pyon are specialists in Goth, Lolita, Victorian and Dolly Kei fashion. They boast a huge range of clothing options available that tend to be loud and big. Perfect for making a statement or impression!With this in mind, Pyon Pyon have designed their range to be extremely flattering to wear so that no... more matter your body shape, you’ll look great in one of their pieces.For pieces that will stand out, even in an alternative crowd, there really is no better choice than Pyon Pyon clothing. less

The Rogue + The Wolf

The Rogue And The Wolf create 3D printed jewellery and taxidermy for avant-garde fashion lovers and those that stand out from the crowd.Established by the almost inseparable Eloise and Michael, designers with principles as staunch and as impressive as their ideas, they combine new thinking, new concepts... more and new technologies to lift their creations from paper to reality. Fuelled by an equal love of fashion, design, and technology they explore the possibilities of using new 3D printing technologies to rapidly materialise new ideas. Technology allows concepts to become products in a matter of weeks so the design team can focus on new ideas and constant innovation.The Rogue + The Wolf aim to make a positive difference in how new technologies are perceived, by pushing the boundaries of design and creation, by exposing the exciting possibilities inherent in progress. less

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