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Scarecrow Dental Fit Fangs are the Original Custom Fangs, the first high-end, user-friendly fangs from the Halloween industry...beautiful, shiny, natural colored fang caps that fit over a single tooth which keeps the customizing material inside the fang cap. There is no complicated partial plate to... more construct, no boiling water and no additional utensils needed. The kit is all-inclusive, you can fit your fangs on-the-spot wherever you have a mirror. Just mix the liquid & powder customizing material together, put it inside the fang cap, push it up over your own tooth & hold for 5 minutes. The material then forms a permanent, rigid, snap-fitting mold of your tooth inside the fang for a tight, "clip-on fit". This one-time fitting process means the fangs can be taken off and put back on for years of use. All "deluxe" fangs work the same way. Please watch the quick and easy-to-follow tutorial here on our instructions page. less

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