Article by Wes Whitfield.

So you’re getting a little tired of your plain black nails and are looking for something a bit more out there to decorate your hands this festive season? Well you’re in luck! Here are some dazzling nail art designs which are sure to turn heads – although, a word of warning, some might need a just a little more skill and patience than your average manicure calls for. Click the pic to see the tutorial!


Vampire Gradient


Tattered Marble


Smokey Nails


Haunted House Nails


Lightening Nails (woah!)


Striped Rainbow Nails


Punk Stud Nails


Victorian Princess Nails


Steampunk Nails


Edward Scissor Hands Nails

We could not find the tutorial for these nails...but can you imagine trying to do anything with these?!


Witches Nails


Alice in Wonderland Nails


Newspaper Nails


Icecream Nails

Create this effect with the cute colours from the Lime Crime Nail Polish range!


Nightmare Before Christmas


Cupcake Nails (omg!)


Christmas Stripes