Making your own accessories is a really fun way to customise an outfit, and these little lace cuffs can be made in any colour, length or style you choose! 


What you need:

  1. Thin elastic (I used 8mm braided elastic)
  2. 70cm wide lace
  3. 70cm thin lace
  4. Scissors
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Sewing machine (optional but recommended)


A couple of quick notes before we begin about the laces you need. You need a wide lace and a thin lace in order to get a layered effect, but how wide they each are is entirely up to you. Also, as everyone has differently sized wrists 70cm of each is what I think is a safe amount to get to make a pair, but if you’re unsure get a bit more because you could always use any leftovers to make a matching hair accessory!


What to do:


Wrap the elastic around your wrist, stretching it slightly until it feels tight enough that it would stay in place on your wrist. Overlap the end by 1-2cm. Pinch the elastic where the overlap ends to keep your place and then cut at that point.

You should end up with a piece about 15-20cm long when un-stretched, depending on the size of your wrists and how tight you want it.

Test it around your wrist after it’s been cut if you are unsure. Using your first elastic piece as a guide cut a second one the same length, but don’t stretch the elastic for this bit.




Lay out your wide lace and tightly stretch one piece of the elastic along it. Use your finger to mark where the stretched elastic reached to, add 1-2cm (it doesn’t have to be too exact) and cut the lace there. Then use this piece of lace as a guide to cut another piece of wide lace and two of the thinner lace.




Lay the thin lace on top of the wider lace and admire how awesome they look together. Then sew them together along what will be the top edge of your wristcuffs.




This is the tricky step. Sew the layered lace onto the elastic, stretching it as you go. On a machine this is fairly simple as after you set the first few stitches you can just pull the elastic as you sew, though keeping it in a straight line can be hard! If sewing by hand I actually suggest sitting in a weird position at a table: using your knee to sandwich one end of the elastic against it and sewing from the top down while keeping to elastic stretched between your upper hand and the knee-table sandwich. However you do it, the important part here is to keep the elastic stretched so when it reverts to its un-stretched state the lace is gathered and ruffled. Make sure to leave 1-2cm of lace overhanging the end.




Now you have a ruffled, twisty length of lace. If you used a sewing machine for the last two steps, get out a needle and thread now. What you need to do is fold the excess overhanging lace to cover the raw edge of the elastic. Then bring that covered edge over the other raw end to bring it all into a neat circle with the elastic in the centre. Stich the edges down.




Now you can admire your awesome handiwork, because you just made the best pair of wristcuffs ever!


If you want a fancier pair, add embellishments like bows, ribbons or fake flowers. If you want an even more ruffled pair, used pre-gathered lace for extra volume. You could even use this method with fabric instead of lace to make big, elegantly draped cuffs. The possibilities are endless, and I hope I’ve given you a good starting point!