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C'est La Vie Spell

November 11, 2021

C'est La Vie Spell


It's time to let go and move on from that one person whose dug their nails into your ankles and dragged you down with them. They never will be half the skill cause you're twice as witty, and it's just time to cut the cord. 

The Altar

Pink Beeswax Friendship Spell Candles

C'est la vie spell ritual 

The Ritual

  1. Place two Pink Beeswax Spell Candles adjacent to each other on top of a plate.

  2. Wrap Twine between the tops of both candles, making it so they both are connecting.

  3. Light both candles at the same time and watch the Twine burn between them. One candle represents you, and the other represents the person you're cutting ties with. This burning will represent the relationship you had also, so pay close attention.

  4. Dispose of the burnt twine afterwards and the candle that represented them.