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April 14, 2021


A single tarot card pull can give you specific insight into your worries and fears or hopes and plans for the future.

Many people do this daily as part of their morning routine, and spend some time reflecting or meditating on the meaning of the draw before preparing for their day. To try this, begin each day by pulling a single tarot card, inspecting the image, and then meditating on its meaning. You can begin with a question or specific problem for the card, or just draw and let the card intuit what you need to know most that day.

Adding some ritual to the daily draw and meditation, like a particular tea, candles or resin incense in your cauldron, can help make the draw more meaningful and beneficial to your positive mental state. Whether or not you do the extras, try to do the draw pull in quiet and calm surroundings. When considering the meaning of the card pull, begin with your own intuition, as it’s an overlooked powerful tool. Keeping a journal or book of shadows with the record of each card pull and what you have intuited from them is also a great idea for future reflection or looking for patterns in meaning.

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Double Draw

Drawn the same card in multiple orders? There could be a reason. We’ve also included a double draw reading for you if this happens.