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Witch Hunt: Starring You!

April 01, 2021

Witch Hunt: Starring You!



The mysterious phrase was:
"We don't care what you say, Whether Easter, Zombie Jesus or Pagan Sex Day, But on Tuesday, you will arise And see if you've won our mysterious prize"

The locations for each piece were:

Piece 1: Pages: About, VIP Rewards, Shipping Info
Blogs: Summer Goth Looks, Alternatives to White Sage

Piece 2: Blogs: Manic Panic Colour Chart Classic
Products: Fallen Angel Harness, Goathead Hand Sanitiser Holder, Wave-215 Black Patent Boots

Piece 3: Blog: Simple Cleansing Spells
Products: Babe with the Power Track Pants, Royall Court Plaid Mini Dress, Beast Baby Plush Coat [Black], Aluminium Athame Pentacle

Piece 4: Products: Mellow Roll bath bomb, Bad 2 the Bone Skater dress, Barbed Wire necklace, Beyond-1020fs Xxxtra tall black faux sued booots, Damned-138 white boots

Piece 5: Products: Gift voucher, Voodoo Heart Rosie dress, Bella Dark Root Long Blue Ice Wig
Page: Killstar sizing chart
Blog: Autumn Skincare Tips

Piece 6: Products: Medusa plush toy, Anubis Skill, Resin Incense Blend Renewal Extra Large, Diablous Door Knocker, Nag Champa Incense

Break out the popcorn, Tragics, this long weekend’s feature presentation is going to be a blockbuster!

We're on a mission, and we need our best witches on the case.

Only one of this cast of 30-year-old teenagers will make it out alive…with an exclusive prize!

Plot Summary: There are 6 different puzzle pieces you need to find. There are 5 duplicates of each of the 6 pieces hidden across the site! Each bloody piece you find will contain part of a super secret phrase. Once you’ve found ‘em all, type the full phrase in the comments below to enter. (Note: we have removed the need to put the piece locations in your entry as instructions were not included in steps below)

"I've found duplicates of the same piece?"
-Each of the 6 pieces has been hidden 5 times around the site to make them easier to find!
"Do I need to find 30 pieces?"
- Not at all! Once you find the 6 individual pieces you have everything you need to crack the secret code!
"Where should I be looking to find the pieces?"
- Everywhere! Including pages, blogs, product photos (not just the first one!) and descriptions!

They'll look a little something like this:


The final guy, gal or nonbinary pal will emerge victorious with a totally one of a kind Tragic Mystery Box! RRP $150AUD

But what’s this?


Two of the victims will make a shocking return in the sequel: we’re also offering two mini mystery boxes as runner up prizes!

Hitting theatres on the 1st of April for a limited run til midnight Monday 5th AEST.

Rated S for Spooky Fun Times

Steps to success:
1: Find the 6 unique puzzle pieces hidden around our website
2: Put the 6 different puzzle pieces together to discover the secret verse
3: Post the phrase in a comment below in blog along with your name and email (don't worry, comments are hidden so no one else can see this info!)
4: We will select a random winner and contact them
5: We announce the three random winners on our social media on Tuesday 6th  April

Once you've cracked the code, try your hand at this spooky puzzle!