A Full Moon Spell for Positive Change

A Full Moon Spell for Positive Change

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Samhain is fast approaching, a time of death and rebirth in which objects and traits not beneficial to us in the mundane world are culled. To prepare, take the opportunity of the approaching full moon to kill off the negative influences holding you back!

We’ve adapted this spell from Spells8.com and provided an ethical and abundant cleansing alternative to white sage. You can read more about white sage alternatives here.

The Altar

- A bundle of rosemary. Rosemary is a cleansing herb that removes negative influences and its smoke has healing properties.

- Matches

- Several slips of paper and a pen

- A cauldron or fireproof vessel

- A glass of water

The Ritual

1. Place the water next to your cauldron in case you need to extinguish unexpected flames.

2. Light your rosemary with the matches, then walk around your room directing the smoke to purify your space. Then, outline your body with the smoke to cleanse your energy. You can also cast a circle if you wish.

3. Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling the scent of the burning rosemary. Take 3 more breaths to centre yourself and then as many as you need to achieve a full sense of calm.

4. Close your eyes and listen to the voice inside, of all the things this voice may tell you that make you feel small, chip at your self-esteem or limit your self-confidence. This could be anything related to you: your appearance, your performance at work, your skill at hobbies, whatever holds you back.  Write everything negative this voice on your paper, each statement gets its own individual page.

5. On separate pieces of paper, reframe each negative statement and turn it positive. For example, you may have written “I did so badly on my project at work, I let my colleagues down”. Turn this into “I did my best and worked as a part of a team. I’ll take the opportunity to learn from this”.

6. Light the negative statements on fire, stating the positive versions out loud until the paper burns to ashes in your cauldron. Repeat this with each negative statement.

7. Once you’ve finished, carry each positive statement with your or add it to your journal, anywhere you can look at them to remind your inner voice about the positive changes you’re creating.