Full Moon Tea Spell

Full Moon Tea Spell

A spell to help you manifest your goals and let go of the worries and self doubt holding you back.

Full Moon Tea Spell

The upcoming full moon on the 16th of May falls in the sign of death and transformation: Scorpio.

This is not only a full moon, but also a lunar eclipse. The power of the full moon paired with the lunar eclipse means this the perfect time to let go of whatever is holding you back, set your intentions and manifest your goals.


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  1. Cleanse your space and yourself by burning your Rosemary smudge stick and say aloud:

    “I cleanse this area and my spirit of all malicious energy”.

  2. Cast a protective, enclosed circle around your tea preparation area with black witches’ salt.

  3. Boil your water, meditate, and envision letting go of all your worries, doubts and anything that is holding you back.

  4. Hold your Queen of Cups tea blend in your hands, recite the herbs, and ask for its assistance in bringing its intention into your life aloud, e.g.,

    Rose petals, aid my love and protect my heart”.

  5. Infuse your blend with the boiled water and focus on your intentions.

  6. Once your tea is ready, sit outside or by your window to absorb the energy from the moon.

  7. Whilst drinking your tea, visualise its intention working to help you manifest your goals and achieve your desired outcome.

  8. When you have finished drinking your tea, say aloud

    “It is done”

Full Moon Tea Spell

Written by Mel B, Tragic's Witchy Consultant.