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the hermit reading


Use this tarot card as you would a daily card pull. The purpose is to use the card to tap into your intuition, while reflecting on the card's meaning. Depending on which way up your card was when you picked it up, use the applicable reading below.  Think about a problem that has been on your mind, or about a goal you wish to reach. Study the image on your card and the words of your reading, and meditate on its meaning. 

If you receive the same card in multiple orders, look at the double draw reading for a deeper meaning of a double card pull. 

We have also included a crystal to aid your focus in meditating on the meaning of your card reading. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it somewhere in view while you study the card and the reading. We have chosen crystals suited to the theme of your card and the spiritual meanings of the selected mineral is below the reading. 


You need a goddamn break.  Being surrounded by others, while warm and engaging, can be suffocating as you give up your own needs in favour of the group whole. Take a day off, go on a staycation, lock yourself in your room and barricade the door.  Whatever you need to relax, recoup your energy and release the anxiety you know damn well has been building up for a whiiiiiile.

Encountering the Hermit twice in upright position is money talking.  How much meaning have you been placing on cash?  It makes the world go round and keeps a roof over our heads, but at the end of the day if it’s the only thing on your mind, by choice or not, you will feel a void grow wider and wider.  Have a go at retooling your budget to better suit your current stage of life and brainstorm a few ideas for cost-free hobbies you can explore with your mates.


I see you over there being too hard on yourself, stop it!  In what may be the most taxing period of everyone’s lives, your first thought should not be on what you aren’t doing, but what you’re doing in spite of. Comparing your progress to others creates nothing but a bad case of imposter syndrome.  Sit down and pick 5 things about yourself that only you can do.  Can you draw well?  Maybe you bake ugly yet delicious cakes?  You have that one eyebrow that is doing The Most? However small it may seem each of these is something only YOU can bring to the table!  Treasure your damn self and flourish!

Encountering the reversed Hermit twice indicates you’ve isolated yourself and not by choice.  You’re stuck in a cubicle, alone in your room or in any form separated from your peers.  Humans are social creatures, set aside time as soon as you’re able to recharge with your friends, catch up with your family or simply sit closely with your partner.

Crystals to aid meditation


Since Greek mythology told of Dionysus (god of wine) receiving an amethyst from the titan Rhea to preserve his sanity, amethyst has been considered a powerful tool for promoting serenity and calm in times of chaos. It is also used in rituals to open the third eye, enhance spiritual visions, and attain enlightenment. Keeping amethyst with you can help deflect psychic attacks when you need a break to restore your energy. No two amethyst stones are the same, so individual stones can have different spiritual properties to its owner. Meditate with this stone and see what energy it gives out!