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    Reward Yourself

    tragic rewards

    At Tragic Beautiful we love our customers. To reward your loyalty to us, every purchase you make gives you points towards a discount on the next cool thing you want to buy.

    Rewards system

    rewards program

    Everytime you log into your Tragic Beautiful account and place an order, you accrue points. Each $2 spent gives you 1 point and once you've accrued at least 50 points, you can spend them! When you are in the checkout, you are able to choose to spend your points. There is a box to type in how many points you wish to redeem. Each 50 points gives you a $5 discount! You can redeem up to 200 points per order.

    But please don't forget to log in. Making a purchase as a guest won't recognise you and we really don't want you to miss out!

    How else can I reap rewards from being a TB customer?

    Make sure to sign up for our newsletter. This is the easiest way for you to be up to date on all our sales. We also often send out discount codes this way. Simply signing up gives you 10 reward points!

    Another thing to remember is big orders get you free postage! If you spend over $99 ($250 for Overseas customers) the postage is our shout.


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