CAMEL-311: The Ultimate Gothic Uggs

CAMEL-311: The Ultimate Gothic Uggs

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Don’t you just love slippers? Warm, fuzzy and furry, these tootsie toasters are your best friend on a cold winter's day. They’re perfect for feeling’ comfy cosy at home, but don’tcha just wish that you could take their toasty power everywhere ya go?

Demonia CAMEL-311 knee high boots in white faux fur in faux suede.

Well, Demonia has been thinking the same thing and hoo boy, have they got a pair of boots for you!

Demonia Camel 311 tan camel faux suede knee high boots trimmed in white fur.

The CAMEL-311 boots are Demonia’s answer to the Y2K uggs, except they decided to kick it up a notch (or three!) These vegan winter boots are covered in luxe faux suede, trimmed in faux fur and come complete with chunky platforms. Slip in n' outta them with no stress zips on the inside, because what's the point of fashionable slippers if you can't slip them on???

Demonia Camel-311 pastel pink knee high platform boots.

These babies come in 4 wicked colours for you to mix n match with whatever wardrobe flavour tickles yer fashion tastebuds. Pastel goths can get a kick outta the pastel pink and white boots while you can keep it classic with the cute tan style trimmed in white fur. The black pair has our hearts at Tragic HQ, because why do anything if you can’t do it in pitch black to match your soul?

Demonia CAMEL-311 knee high black faux suede boots trimmed with faux fur.

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