Charla Tedrick

Charla Tedrick

Meeting Charla Tedrick is like meeting a tiny, high-heeled, rock ‘n roll hurricane. She is vibrant and friendly and so much fun to be around. We met her recently in London and instantly fell in love with her and her brand.

Pic: Charla Tedrick

Charla is also the mastermind and sole creator of Charla Tedrick Rock ‘n Roll Footwear. This is our fave footwear brand rn and we are really feeling this entire collection.

Pic: Brixton Boot and Convert Platforms

 The reason these shoes are so authentically cool, is that Charla designs each pair herself and she is an old school rocker from way back. Charla has designed for some massive names in the industry such as Betsey Johnson and Dolls Kill.  She is now throwing off the shackles of corporate slavery and designing for herself – with her own unique aesthetics that we lurveeeee

Pic: Convert Platforms

These shoes are released in limited amount capsule collections. If you miss out then they’re gone baby.

Her current collection is incredible. There are platforms like the Convert Boot with heaps of removeable punk AF styled chains and studded straps plus tartan accents. The Foreva Platform is a cute pastel goth or Lolita styled pastel pink perfection. If you wanna go dark then there is the Skully Platform or the Nightglide Shoe - bats or skulls – take yer pick! To finish up there is the insane platform studded Dee Sneaker which while looking crazy as hell, is super comfortable to walk in! Sorry guys but the incredible Brixton Boot is already sold out. Be fast on the rest!

Pic: Kelly Eden in Foreva Platforms

Don’t fret too hard though if you missed out – Charla’s spring range is almost here – and they are AHHHHHMAYZING.

In the meantime check out the first range here.  

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