Our New Bath Ritual Range!

Our New Bath Ritual Range!

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The year is coming to a close but that's never been an excuse for us to slow down!  Our busy bees at Tragic HQ have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you our amazing new range of bath rituals! 

Handmade locally (seriously, the amazing gal who makes these lives right down the road from us!), these luxurious salts are a loving blend of fragrance oils and healing herbs.  We crafted these with ingredients used un common bath rituals so you can focus your own intent and use these in addition to other tools such as candles and crystals.

For those who are simply looking for a way to relax, bath salts are for more than just making your skin feel soft and smell delicious!  Soaking in bath salts at least once a week will improve skin hydration, soothe muscle aches and inflammation and I bet you know an exhausted witch who struggles with at least one of these!  

These beauties are available in 4 intoxicating variants to suit all ritual purposes and relaxation needs. If you can't pick just one, why not try the entire collection here?


Take a moment to renew yourself, body and soul with Cleanse and Refresh!  The fresh lemongrass and zest of lime will zing around the room, creating a brightening atmosphere while you soak. Just a pinch will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


Relax Ritual with soothe your soul and soak the bad vibes away with! The comforting combo of lavender and ylang ylang will soften the air as you treat yourself to a much-needed dip after a long day of stresses from the material world and prepare your body for a restful slumber. 


Get yourself in a sinful mood with Sex Bomb.  The sensual musk diffused by luxurious oils and real rose petals will swirl around you while you ease into a botanical bath. Let these moisturizing salts worship your body in a watery embrace that’s sure to be steamy in more ways than one!

If you plan to take a soak to invite love into your love, we recommend adding our Love Drawing Ritual Candle to your process. It can be anointed and will enhance the effects of your soak while creating a beautiful ambience.


Allow Psychic Awakening to stimulate your senses and clear your mind.  The enticing aroma of Egyptian Musk will swirl around you, lingering in the air long after you leave your bath.  This concoction of oils and calendula petals will provide mental clarity in preparation for psychic rituals and lucid dreaming.

For those of you work with candles, the Psychic Awakening candle makes an ideal companion tool to enhance the beneficial properties of the salts.

Have you had the chance to try one of our rituals yet? Which one is your favourite?  Have a try today and soak the negativity away!

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