The Lovers Tarot Card Reading


Before unpacking your order, focus on the purpose of this reading. Are you seeking insight into your career? Your love life? Finances?

When you open your package, pay close attention: the position the card lays in relative to your body when you first spot it will determine whether your card is upright or reversed. If your card is code side up when you first see it, flip it over quickly to let your intuition speak for you.

A single card pull can reveal much about your current state. When you first saw it, what was your immediate reaction? This is your inner voice speaking, a powerful guide providing you with the most important information you need to know upfront. Meditate on this reaction while you reflect on the reading; we suggest making notes in a journal to see if there are any patterns with subsequent card pulls. If you’ve received a sample of our teas, take heed of these readings as you perform your ritual as your card’s guidance will help you manifest your goals.


It’s time to open up the floodgates! You’ve been dodging certain subjects with your loved ones or even straight up hiding things. This evasiveness will come back to bite eventually so it’s best to initiate communications now. Your loved ones will always be there to support you even through the tougher times, especially when you stay true to yourself and speak from the heart.

Drawing the Lovers card upright twice indicates that a new relationship may be on the way. A new friend or colleague is going to swing by and add an extra spark of fun to your life so be ready to reciprocate and nurture this connection: you may have a new loyal companionship on the horizon!


You’ve been feeling out of touch with those around you: your family, friends and colleagues. You’ve been retreating into yourself far too much and it’s not going to do your mental health any favours. It’s time to reconnect: set up a coffee date, go out to dinner, hell, throw a binge party on the couch with plenty of wine and cheese! Allow the warmth of those who care for you to fill your life and rebalance your energy.

Encountering the Lovers in reversed position twice shows that you’ve got a little tug of war going on inside yourself. Your morals are being compromised or you may be forced into the company of someone who is making you doubt yourself. Remember to recentre yourself and stay true to your values: stand your ground and take measures to distance yourself as much as you can to these emotionally disruptive forces.