Introducing our Range of Intention Teas

Introducing our Range of Intention Teas

We’ve been brewing up something special at Tragic HQ.

Tragic Beautiful is full of witches fuelled by caffeine whose daily routine is incomplete without a generously sized cup of tea. Tea rituals are a wholesome (and delicious!) way to manifest your intentions and we’ve been hard at work developing our own! 

Our brand new Queen of Cups tea blends were developed by the Tragic brain trust; we carefully selected each herbal component to suit a wide range of ritual needs (and tastes!) to help you achieve your goals, cleanse your body and soothe your spirits.

Tea rituals are incredibly easy to perform; all you need is a kettle, your favourite mug and an infuser! To get you started, each tin comes with an instructional card explaining how you can perform a unique ritual with your chosen blend. 

Here’s a quick peek at each of the delicious teas we have on offer:


Image of 30 gram tin containing sitting pretty tea, a herbal blend of chamomile, lavender and butterfly pea.


This calming blend of lavender, chamomile and butterfly pea will set you up for a good night's rest and is ideal for those pursuing dreamwork.


Image of 30 gram tin of sitting pretty tea, a black tea blend with chamomile.

This tea was made for those in need of good fortune! An awakening yet soothing blend of black tea and chamomile will pave the way for abundance and prosperity while making a delightful morning brew.


Image of New Leaf Tea 30 gram tin, a blend of green tea, ginger root and lemongrass.

Cleanse your body, soul and spirit with this zesty blend! New Leaf is a delicious and wholesome combo of lemongrass, ginger root and green tea that makes for happy tummies and leaves zero room for negative influences. 


Image of 30 gram tin of Matchmaker tea, a blend of rose petals, jasmine flowers and honeybush tea.

Invite love into your life and show your taste buds some self-love with Matchmaker! The natural sweetness of honeybush tea combines with the passion of rose petals and the delicate flavour of jasmine to create this unique sip. 


Tin of 30 gram Guardian Angel Tea blend containing gunpowder tea, cloves, cinnamon, apple, lemon peel and orange peel.

Guardian Angel is our sweet and spicy protection blend. The smokiness of gunpowder tea will have you feeling like you’ve curled up by a warm fire while cinnamon, cloves combine with apple and citrus peel for a uniquely delicious treat that will provide protection from psychic attacks and energy vampires.


Photo of Cloud Nine tea blend in 30 gram tin. Tea contains green tea, peppermind and lavender.

Improve your mood and invite positivity with Cloud Nine! Refreshing green tea and peppermint will soothe uneasy stomachs while calming lavender will remove any stresses to welcome in the happiness you deserve.