Black Magic

Black Magic

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Models - ReeRee Phillips, Bridgette Scalisi

Photographer - Mel K 

MUA credits - Hair and makeup by models themselves. Both are MUA


Lucipurr Handbag
Nobody Cares handbag
Ritual Ring Backpack
Ritual Ring Messenger Bag Canvas
Witch Max to Max Choker
Meow Max to Max Choker
Ritual Journal Got Plans
Journal Pentagram
Chiffon Scarf Voodoo Doll Dress
Decay Nu Morning Dress
Dana Skater Dress
Velvet Witch Brim Hat
Witch Brim hat
Huge Pentagram Silver Earrings

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Models' own wardrobe: Vicky Veil Skater Dress, Dion Fortune Dress, Torment 804, Swing 220


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