Mary Wyatt: A Salute to Streetwear & Sustainability

Mary Wyatt: A Salute to Streetwear & Sustainability

At the core of Mary Wyatt - style & sustainability are united. These consciously-produced goth garments have become a wardrobe essential for alternatives & goths worldwide; an ethical addition to your weekly rotation. 

Inspired by contemporary tattoo culture & an ode to the heavy metal scene, each piece of clothing drips with attitude and grit. Designed in their North London studio, Mary Wyatt threads the veins of gothic subcultures through their apparel, in term creating elevated pieces with a dark aesthetic. 

Mary Wyatt Corpse Paint Oversize Tee

Here are a few of our favourite Mary Wyatt pieces we just can't get enough of!

Stripes are a goth's best friend

When it comes to an every day little black dress, the Pugsley Oversized Smock Dress wins our cold black hearts every time. Toting long black and white striped sleeves much like the beloved Addams Family son Pugsley; this dress oozes with gothic charm. The oversized babydoll silhouette gives a slouchy and comfortable fit - adding to the gothic grunge aesthetic. We like to style this with a pair of x black tights and x boots. 

 Gothyghoul Mary Wyatt Pugsley Dress

 Image Credit: Instagram - @gothyghoul

Dressed to Kill

Hailed as every ghouls favourite maxi dress, the Suspiria Tie Back Maxi Dress is a perfect choice for any occasion - gothic wedding guest, formal, or even just for a Saturday night out. The tie back creates a gorgeous feature on the open back design; with fabric strands long enough to tie in the front or back of the dress. With a split either side of the gown, this dress will dance around your legs as you slink along; effortlessly ethereal. 

 Suspiria Maxi Dress Mary Wyatt

Photo Credit: Instagram - @gothcharlotte

Rest In Peace

Stunning gothic sleepwear? We can't believe it either. Mary Wyatt's range of satin sleep garments have us never wanting to leave our crypt.  their Unholy Robe features the sweetest flail toting cherub is a perfect match to either the Rose Amongst Thorns Satin Dress or Widow Satin Cami & Shorts set.


Everyones Favourite Oversized Tee 

Whether its a creature comfort or a streetwear statement, an oversized tee finds its way into every ghouls wardrobe! The Satan's Little Helper Tee is a gothic wardrobe staple. The oversized cut gives a flatteringly androgynous silhouette, catering to anyone who prefers a looser fit in their tees or those who like to cinch it in with a harness.

Satans Little Helper Oversized Mary Wyatt Shirt

 Photo Credit: Instagram -  @jaackielantern

Fallen in love with Mary Wyatt? Check out our wide range of Mary Wyatt garments in our collection. Never mass produced - shop consciously!

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