Easy Halloween Costume Ideas With Zero Waste!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas With Zero Waste!

Want to dress up this Halloween but fear the horrors of waste? Here are a few sustainable costume ideas that use gorgeous items you can keep wearing even when the Halloween season is over!
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Halloween outfits you can wear all year round? That's a big hell yeah from us!

Gather 'round, fellow lovers of the macabre and Halloween aficionados, for the time of year when our dark hearts rejoice is upon us once more! Halloween, that enchanting night of thrills and chills, is like a second Christmas for us goths, and the allure of creating the perfect costume is irresistible. But fear not, for we at Tragic Beautiful have your back with a bewitching solution: easy Halloween costumes that not only capture the essence of the holiday but can also seamlessly integrate into your year-round wardrobe.

We know the struggle (and its real!) –  of wanting to look utterly spellbinding without spending hours on costume assembly or resorting to subpar, mass-produced ensembles. Enter the world of DIY magic, where easy Halloween costumes become a captivating reality. Picture this: you, the mysterious specter of the night, draped in a flowing velvet cape that billows behind you like the shadows themselves. Or perhaps you're the vampiric seductress, clad in a sultry lace ensemble that whispers secrets in the moonlight. With a little creativity and some strategic selections from our collection, crafting your easy Halloween costume becomes an exhilarating endeavor.

The beauty of our approach lies in the versatility of the pieces we offer. Embrace the spirit of the season with garments that effortlessly transition from Halloween haute couture to everyday elegance. That bewitching corset you wore as part of your spellbinding sorceress look? Pair it with a flowing skirt or your favorite pair of jeans for an exquisite everyday ensemble. The lace gloves that added an air of mystique to your costume? Let them grace your hands on any occasion when you want to exude an aura of enchantment. This Halloween, let's cast aside the mundane and embrace the extraordinary with easy Halloween costumes that not only dazzle on the night of spirits but linger as timeless treasures in your wardrobe.

Here are our Tragic Beautiful Halloween costume ideas for sustainable spooky looks with clothing, accessories and footwear that you can rewear all year round!


Wednesdya Addams Inspired Halloween Costume, Killstar Mystra Dress, Camel-103 Mary Jane Shoes, Thigh High Black Socks

Whether you've loved The Addams Family your whole life, or have fallen in love with Wednesday Addams from watching the latest Netflix' series Wednesday -  our favourite Addams family member makes for a staple Halloween costume! The Killstar Mystra Dress and Camel-103 Platform Mary Jane Shoes from Demonia are a match made in hell, while the Black Velvet Choker and Black Ribbed Thigh High Socks polish it off. Throw your hair or a black wig into two braids and add the Jemisha Clip On Bows to the end and you're ready to do the Goo Goo Muck!


Kinky Kitty - Halloween Gothic Cat Costume

I'm a cat, duh? The crowd fave sexy cat costume just got an upgrade! Strap into the Hungry 4 U Headpiece and the Black Huntress Catsuit from Killstar to turn heads as soon as you walk into the party. The Ashes-57 Black Ankle Boots with detachable furry cuffs will have ya lookin’ clawed up and finish the look off with the oh so obvious Lucky 13 Halloween Cat Earrings (you know, just in case anyone didn't get it). 


We aren't just witches for Halloween! The Faythe Lace Top & matching Mahina Velvet Bell Bottoms give a classic witch meets Stevie Nix aesthetic we love (and make this cute af witch fit wearable all year round). Add some drama with the Killstar Super Moon Witches Hat and Restyle Iron Moon Collar. Finish off this fit with the Vivika-128 Ankle Boots, because lets face it - is it really a witchy fit without pointed lace up boots? Witch please, we're in love! 


Sexy Gothic Pirate Costume, Killstar Time Out Zip UP Dress, Camel-300 Boots Arrrrr me hearties, I'm ready to party! This hot AF gothic pirate 'fit is sure to turn heads from port to starboard. The distressed denim Killstar Time Out Zip Up Dress is the perfect base for this 'fit to then be layered upon with the Unleashed Chain Belt for that classic pirate silhouette. Throw on yer biggest, stompiest pair of Demonia Boots - the Camel-300 Thigh High Boots with lacing through the front make for the perfect pirate boots. Finish off the look with some extra jingly-jangly chains - the Death Becomes Her Necklace and of course, what kind of pirate would you be without an eye patch? The Calypso Eyepatch from Punk Rave is not only the perfect finishing touch, but is also a statement piece in itself!

Still unsure on what to wear this Halloween? Check out our Halloween Costume collection for more inspiration! 



Header Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash  

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