Easy Ways to Fang it Up for Halloween

Easy Ways to Fang it Up for Halloween

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Article by Wes Whitfield

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the night, tonight is Halloween!

Image Credits

Photographer: Geoff Hopkinson

Model: Moofy

Makeup: Missstimsonstyle

Editing: Amy Kauler

1) The Fangs

Ok, so this one is probably so obvious it doesn’t really need to be mentioned, but I’m going to mention it anyway. Get yourself some fangs. Not only are they the foundation of any good vampire look, they also come in a wide variety of types so you won’t be tied down to just a generic vampire look.

Moofy is rocking Bloody Mary fangs, a Witchcraft Choker and Black Brocade Coat. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

2) Fake blood

While you’re at it invest in some fake blood. Add just a dribble on your fangs or splash it about everywhere for a really gruesome look. Bloody Mary’s Spray Blood Pump is a great portable option for quick costume touch ups.

Moofy is wearing a metal spine top with amazing Orion shoes by Hades. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

3) Makeup

The best way to achieve the undead look is to apply some decent quality stage makeup. However, if you’re unable to get your hands on some, or just want to go for the more subtle approach, layering on the dark eyeshadow and thick eyeliner will give you similar results. If you want to glam it up a bit simply add some black or silver glitter to the mix.

We recommend Mirabilis Leggings and Metal Spine Top to achieve this vamp style. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

4) Hair dye

Since you probably don’t want to be a permanent Queen of the Damned applying permanent hair dye isn’t really an option. This is where Manic Panic’s Dyehard Gel is a lifesaver. It’s temporary, can be used to colour as little or as much hair as you like, and as an added bonus can help hold your fearsome do in place. For the brunettes among you it comes in ‘Virgin White’, and for the blondes there’s ‘Raven Black’. There’s even ‘Stiletto Silver’ for everyone in between. (Of course, if you do want to make ‘creature of the night’ your permanent occupation there’s Manic Panic’s normal range, which is affordable and comes in every colour imaginable.

Gorgeous yet comfortable Mirabilis Leggings. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

5) Clothes

Provided you have your fangs and makeup down finding the perfect vampire outfit is pretty easy. For a classic look gothic and Victorianesque dresss and corsets are the way to go. However, even jeans and a simple top can work just as well. Go for clothes with creepy creatures or anatomical patterns. Keeping everything in a black, white, or red colour pallet also helps to really bring home the Anne Rice feel. Red to mirror blood, white to mirror washed out dead skin, and black to mirror your soul.

Moofy is modelling Orion ankle boots by Hades. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

6) Long Coat

Investing in a long coat, such as Punk Rave’s Theatre of Tragedy coat, is a super easy and simple way to make almost any look more vampiric. You can even throw it over just some basic blacks, along with some dark makeup, and you’ll look like an instant blood sucker.

Moofy is wearing a Black Brocade Coat with an Inferno Top from Punk Rave underneath. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

7) Accessories

A good choker is probably the most vampiric piece of jewelry that exists (they help to hide the puncture marks, you see). However, any piece of Victorianesque jewelry can work if you want that classic Lestat look. Try lacy gloves, facinators or brooches like Fantasmagoria’s Red Dragon Eye Brooch. Just remember to stay away from crucifixes. Vampires hate crucifixes.

 Covering Moofy's bite marks is a Witchcraft Choker from Fantasmagoria. Shop Moofy's Vampire look here.

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