Gothic Wedding Guest Dresses To Manifest That Bouquet Catch

Gothic Wedding Guest Dresses To Manifest That Bouquet Catch

Who needs a white wedding? Dress your spooky best and be the perfect gothic guest with our bewitching selection of wedding guest dresses!

It's wedding season, baby! Chances are you've received a fancy invitation to celebrate your loved ones on their nuptials, but now comes the dilemma of what to wear. How can you maintain your alt fashion aesthetic without drawing attention away from the happy couple? Luckily for all the brides out there, they won't be seeing any of us in white!

Here are a few of our favourite gothic formal dresses to have you looking classy, suiting everything from the tear jerking ceremony to the wild reception afterwards!


Punk Rave Pyre Proof pentagram lace slip dress.

Nothing represents persistence and eternity for newlyweds better than a witch who lived through the pyre! This Punk Rave slip features a pentagram neckline and a tattered midi skirt with layers of lace. Pair it with platform heels and you'll be the grandest figure at the open bar!


Killstar To Dust Lace Kimono Sleeve Formal Dress

Just because you're a guest, it doesn't mean you can't be a *little* dramatic! This gorgeous Killstar mini dress is layered with lace, featuring a halter neckline, cold shoulders and long kimono sleeves. We recommend a simple pair of lace up boots to let the dress shine as well as a cute clutch to hide the tissues (we can't have you crying happy tears into those sleeves!)


Restyle High Neck Crescent Lace & Velvet Dress

Restyle has the best cocktail dress around for dramatic goths and wicked fey! The high neckline leave plenty of space on the bodice for the applique details to shine, crowned with a crescent moon. Complete the look with a pair of gloves like the model to add a bit of vintage charm to the affair and prepare those hands for confetti tossing!


Punk Rave Druid Lace Plus Size Formal Harness Dress

Part of Punk Rave's latest plus-size release, this lace dress is a great option for fantasy themed weddings! The harness on the chest and waist makes you look roguish while the embroidery on the sleeves keeps to the formal theme of the day. The asymmetrical lace skirt leaves you free to twirl around the dance floor or draw your sword to defend the wedding party!


Punk Rave Livia Velvet Slit Dress | Plus Size

This stunning midi dress comes from Punk Rave's plus-size range, ideal for weddings held in winter with its warm, soft velvet and long sleeves. Pair it with thick, opaque tights and heels to keep the chill away and look fabulous in the pews! 

Need more wedding inspo? Check out our formalwear collection to complete your outfit!

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