Herbal Alchemy

Herbal Alchemy

What is herbal alchemy?

When ingested, burned, brewed or worn, many herbs have been identified throughout history as bearing powerful benefits in specific areas.  Herbal alchemy uses particular herbs for their enhancing properties and their power of focusing a ritual to a specific desired outcome.

The Aether range of herbs and blends are designed for circle or altar work, with some useful in worn pouches for different effects. Do not ingest alchemy herbs unless they are rated as food safe.  Below are several herbs from Aether Herbal Alchemy range and some usage ideas for each.

Dried Calendula

Scatter calendula under your bed to promote prophetic dreams and to provide protection when sleeping. Hanging a pouch of calendula flowers over entry doors protects against evil entering as well.

aether calendula herbal alchemy

 Soaking in a bath infused with calendula not only gives the physical benefits of reducing muscle spasms and menstural cramps, but are also fabled to attract more respect and admiration when imbued into the skin.

Devil's Claw

Harpagophytum procumbens, or devil's claw, has been used in medicine for thousands of years by Kalahari bushmen.  In magic it is associated with home cleansing of negative entities and unwanted company.

 Try this:

  • Light a charcoal disk and place it in your cauldron or brazier
  • Throw a small amount of devil's claw onto the charcoal
  • If you are burning in a small cauldron or brazier, lift it up (with gloves if it's hot!) and gently move it in circular motions throughout the rooms of your house to dispense the smoke to all parts of your space. 

 Sacred Lotus Flower

The lotus has been revered for its properties since ancient Egypt. As a symbol of fertility and sexuality, it's really useful in any spells or rituals that focus on these areas.

sacred lotus flower dried aether

Use the smoke from the dried sacred lotus flower to focus your intent before sexual or fertility rituals or add it to your bath for a less pungent effect.

 Organic bladderwrack

Know as the sea spirit, bladderwrack has a multitude of magickal uses. It works particularly well in water elemental workings, and as a herb for protection.

herbal alchemy aether bladderwrack

 Use ideas:

  • Throw a handful into the sea to summon spirits of the ocean to aid your magickal workings
  • Burn a little to bring good vibrations and positive energy to your space
  • Incorporate a little into money spells to enhance their effect

Check out our range of herbal alchemy products here, as well as some awesome kits and collections to help advance your ritual workings or just to enhance your everyday life!

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