How to bleach your hair (without breaking it!)

How to bleach your hair (without breaking it!)

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With so many amazing full-coverage hairdye shades available now, it's heaps easier for those of us with bleach-resistant hair to do more with our locks than brown or black box dye.  That said, you still want to avoid turning your hair into a stretchy, snapping nightmare in the pursuit of your hairdye dreams!  Our staff have literally decades of combined hairdye experience, so we got together to share our tips, tricks, and secrets on prepping, bleaching, and dyeing your hair, to make sure your hair colour experience is as rad as you want it to be <3

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Before you start bleaching your hair

Research and prep

  • Decide what colour you want to go after bleaching, and check out social media to see how the colour looks on different hair types, to make sure it's what you want and how much lightening is required. Tragic Beautiful stock all the best dye brands including Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye, Crazy Color and La Riche Directions, so check out these ranges and the inspo pics on each shade
  • Be realistic about the outcome. If you have dark hair and want something quite light and vibrant, get yourself to a salon for expert advice as the chances of destroying your hair at home are pretty great
  • If you are nervous about going too bright the first time, stick to secondary colours ie teal or purple over blue
  • If you have previously dyed your hair using semi-permanent box dye (the type that lightens your hair as well as colouring it), wait until as much has grown out as possible to ensure even colour
  • Do not use bleach soon after using this kind of hairdye as it won't work properly and you'll end up looking like a terrifying clown
  • Be prepared to lose a bit of length, as you might need to trim frizzy split ends after bleaching

Shopping list

The night before you bleach

  • Using a coconut oil mask overnight before bleaching will protect your hair, and can also enhance the effect of the bleach!
  • Gently warm a few generous dollops of virgin coconut oil so it is liquid. NEVER do this in the microwave or on the stove as it heats up too fast and will ruin both the oil and your head. Instead, spoon it into a small bowl and float that in a larger bowl of hot water. When its melted remove it, and test the temperature before pouring it on your head

Melt coconut oil over a bowl of warm water

Gently warm the coconut oil in a bowl of warm water

  •  Thoroughly massage it through your hair, from the roots to the ends.
  • Cover your hair in a shower cap or cling wrap, and/or put a towel on your pillow to contain any mess overnight

Bleaching time

  • Do not rinse the coconut oil out or wash before bleaching. If your hair feels quite dry compared to the night before, add a little more oil before you start to bleach

coconut oil mask

Overnight your hair will dry out a bit, so add more oil before you start bleaching

  • Read the box instructions carefully before starting to avoid mistakes. Get out all the stuff you need before you start
  • Be patient and ensure the bleach is thoroughly mixed before applying it to your hair.
  • Protect your clothing and comb your hair to make it easier to section and apply bleach evenly
  • After applying the bleach as per the box instructions, tie up your hair (if it's long), wrap it in clingwrap or cover with a shower cap, and feel the temperature while it activates. Bleach warms up when it is lightening your hair, so if your head feels cold, wrap it in a towel for a bit to warm it up. Don't let it get too hot though because that's when your hair is at risk of stretching or snapping
  • NEVER exceed the recommended time with bleach.  The risk of destroying your hair is far greater than the potential reward of a lighter result. If your bleach result isn't as light as desired you should talk to a hairdresser about options. 

bleach result

Perfect result is healthy, lightened hair, ready for a new colour

Now you're ready to colour! We always love to see results so tag us on insta @tragicb 

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