Holiday occult reading list

Holiday occult reading list

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The xmas holiday period and the Australian summer generally is a great time to curl up with an ice cold drink and a couple of good books.  As 2020 approaches, it's also the perfect time to start thinking about what new skills or knowledge you want to gain in the coming year. This year, I plan to learn more about tarot, and more effective use of crystals in everyday life. I've become fascinated by crystal grids and harnessing the power of sacred geometry in particular as it's an area I was unfamiliar with until recently.

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 So what's on your reading list? Here's some of our fave books that have been popular with our customers, to give you some inspiration.

 Astrological Transits

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the position of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth, and can provide insight into your personality, motivations, strengths and challenges. The positions of these stars and planets relative to each other, and to us, changes constantly, and understanding where they are at different life milestones can help you prepare for life's challenges and meet opportunities.  Astrological Transits guides you through how to make the most of your birth chart, and includes worksheets and tables to help you calculate your chart for the future as well as understanding the past.

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Light magic for dark times

Rituals, spells and practices to help you combat the darkness around you. Sometimes the world feels like nothing but doom and gloom, but taking a proactive approach and tapping into your inner witch in times of need is empowering and can change your whole outlook on life. This book contains spells to banish recurring nightmares, a guide to tapping into your zodiac celestial mojo, and spells to recharge after protesting or social justice work. It's straightforward enough for inexperienced light workers but also contains plenty of spell work for more experienced witches looking for spells to use during a crisis (or to prevent one!)

Crystals for positive manifestation

A comprehensive guide to 100 of the most popular crystals, with details on their attributes and suggested uses.

The Chakras Handbook

The nine major chakras have been the subject of texts studied for thousands of years and used in acupuncture, meditation, and yoga among other spiritual pursuits. The chakras handbook is a modern guide to the ancient art of working with the chakras. Each chapter includes exercises to unlocking the energy of each chakra, with recommendations on incense blends and other projects to unlock and engage the energies from these points in your body. 

Spellcraft for a magical year

What's your goal this year? Business success? A reunion or reconciliation? This book contains guides on maximising the celestial events of the year, like using the spring equinox to manifest success, or increasing the chance of success in new enterprises on the eve of beltane. It also contains charms to get over a breakup, kickstart your health goal, and how to create a wish spell. Inject a little magic into your life all year long.

Blackthorn's Botanical Magic

Empower your inner nature witch with more botanical knowledge. How to use fresh & dried herbs, extracts and oils in spellcraft, rituals & healing, as well as suggested crystals for strengthening their effects.

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The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids

The next book on my reading list!  Judy Hall, the world's leading expert on crystal use, has created this easy to follow guide on geometric templates, and includes over 50 sacred geometry crystal grids to try. The book has lots of photos and illustrations as well as step-by-step instructions so even the most basic beginner (me!) can follow it.

You can check out our occult bookshop library here.  

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