How To Wear A Corset in 2022

How To Wear A Corset in 2022

Turn out figure flattering styles and vintage vibes with our corset styling guide & learn how to wear underbust, overbust & waspie corsets with any outfit!

Corsets have always been a goth's best friend but with Y2K fashion trending, the corset tops of the 90s and 00s are popping up everywhere! It's time to revel in the glory of underbusts, cinchers and waspies; with our latest Hexxx'd Intimates drop, we've come out with some absolute stunners that are super easy to style (with plus size versions of each available to a 6XL) with steel boning for support and tightlacing.

Here's a few tips on how you can take advantage of the corset revival and reassert its gothy dominance!


Swap out yer tops to make a statement! The sharp lines of the Nemesis Velvet Corset ooze vampire vibes, so we've paired them with the equally vampy Beauty in the Dark earrings and choker from Killstar! Carry your wicked wares in the Banned Anenome Handbag and finish the lewk with the shadowy tendrils of the Unfortunate Soul Maxi Skirt from Punk Rave, the CHARADE-110 boots by Demonia and a puckered pout courtesy of Evil Eye Cosmetics' Bite Lipstick.


Valkyrie Leather Corset Dystopian Industrial Goth Outfit

The easiest and spookiest way to zhush up a dress! The Valkyrie Leather Corset suits a range of styles but we mixed it up to create an apocalypti-goth 'fit, featuring the Punk Rave Retrograde Slip Dress, Killstar Heaven Knows Gloves, Punk Rave Calvaria Fishnet Stockings, the Killstar Beast Wallet, the Cold Black Heart Dark Malevolence Choker and the badass Demonia SWING-150 black matte boots.


Vertigo PVC Corset Punk Outfit

Smash the stereotype that corset=formal with this casual pairing! The Vertigo PVC Corset suits the sheer badassery of the Killstar denim Dasia Bell Bottoms, which match well with the Demonia SWING-105 black patent boots and killer accessories like the Killstar Furor Slouch Bag, Goat of Mendes Plug Hoops, Cold Black Heart Barbed Wire Bracelet and Just Slain Choker.


Christine Brocade Corset Formal Gothic Outfit

For the ultimate formal outfit, you can't go wrong with a maxi skirt n' corset combo! Can't you just imagine sweeping down the hall of a haunted mansion in the Black Friday Goth Mesh Formal Skirt and Christine Brocade Corset? Pair them with the Killstar Bee Unique Choker, Celestial Coin Purse, Comin' Up Roses Plug Hoops, Restyle Saint Goth Gloves and Demonia TORMENT-600 heels to complete yer ballroom fantasy!


Something Wicked Underbust Corset Corpgoth Outfit

Slip an underbust corset over a blouse and pair with a pencil skirt or dress pants for a super flattering corpgoth 'fit! We've paired the Something Wicked Waspie with Killstar's Beyond Worlds Velvet Top, Pax Aeterna Blazer and Restyle's Cathedral Leggings to play with texture, polishing them off with Blackcraft's Bat Wing Satchel, Crossed Desire Earrings and the delightfully chunky Demonia CAMEL-103 Patent Mary Janes. Don't forget to match the vibes at your desk with the Darkspell Sticky Notes and Broomstick Pen!

Check out our full collection of corsets here to get yer cincher stylin' on!

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