Impaler: Maximalist Body Jewellery

Impaler: Maximalist Body Jewellery

Tired of the same old boring piercing jewellery? We are too, that's why it's our pleasure to introduce you to Impaler - maximalist body jewellery.

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Tired of the same old boring piercing jewellery? We are too, that's why it's our pleasure to introduce you to Impaler - maximalist body jewellery.

Maximalist Body Piercing Jewellery by Impaler - Pictured gothic regency style model wearing gothic piercing jewellery

In a subculture where individuality reigns supreme, Impaler pierces through the mundane with a collection of premium piercing jewellery, crafted with style & quality in mind. From cartilage piercing jewellery to septum rings & horseshoes, crystal plugs and curated ear sets, Impaler has encapsulated the essence of gothic culture within its finely crafted jewellery pieces.

A heavily pierced ear featuring gothic maximalist piercing jewellery by Impaler Body Jewellery

Join us as we look through some of Impaler's luxe jewellery, designed to elevate your piercing game and adorn your body with unparalleled elegance!

Sublime Septum Jewellery

Gothic Septum Piercing Jewellery by Impaler Body Jewellery

Septum piercing jewellery featured - Widow Septum Ring, Morningstar Septum Ring and Trinity Spike Titanium Septum Ring in Silver, Gold & Black

Whether you're a lover of the classic segment ring, clickers or horseshoe septum's - Impaler deliver a stunning range of septum piercing jewellery for your nose! Crafted with comfort in mind, the range includes 14kt Gold Septum Rings and titanium septum rings including the Trinity Spike series which come in gold, silver and black -  ensuring a luxurious experience even for those with sensitive skin.

For those chasing statement septum jewellery, Impaler delivers gothic luxury with a carefully curated collection of head turning septum rings and horseshoes! From the delicately chained Manacle Septum Ring to the bold weaponry of the Morningstar Septum Ring - these septum rings are more than just a piece of jewellery, they're an extension of you.

Click here to shop Septum Jewellery

Luxe Cartilage Jewellery

Gothic Cartilage Jewellery by Impaler Body Jewellery

Cartilage piercing jewellery featured - Arachne Barbell , Barbastelle Internally Threaded Barbell, Spinneret Barbell  

Upgrade your helix, conch, daith, tragus, flat, or lobe piercings with Impaler's extensive range of gothic jewellery. Crafted from premium materials such as 14kt gold, titanium, sterling silver, and surgical steel, the cartilage jewellery collection includes segment rings, straight barbells, internally threaded tops, and labrets.

Impaler's range of curved and straight barbell jewellery contains one statement piece after the next - from the sparkling gold spiderwebs of the Spinneret, to silver Daggers, sparkling Celestial Curated Barbell Sets, red back toting spider webs and black gem donning crucifix; this collection has something for every goth to curate and style their ears with!

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Show Stopping Internally Threaded Tops & Piercing Chains

Internally threaded tops & piercing chains by Impaler Body Jewellery

Internally Threaded Tops & Piercing Chains piercing jewellery featured - Midnight, Stainless Steel Connector Chain in black, silver and gold & Microchiroptera 

Mix and match your cartilage piercing jewellery with internally threaded tops for effortless customisation. If you love the idea of being able to change the tops of your piercings around without the hassle of taking the whole piercing out and switching them around, internally threaded tops are for you! Impaler's collection of internally threaded tops feature the gorgeous gothic Microchiroptera bats in silver, gold and black, Selene crescent moons, Empale Spike pointed studs and a stunning array of sparkling gem tops featuring blood-red stones, black stones and iridescent gems.

If you have some piercings in already you love but want to elevate them even further, piercing connector chains are your new best friend. Whether you want to connect up double nostril piercings, bridge piercings, lobe or cartilage piercings - Impaler brings to the table not only your classic piercing chains in three colours - gold, silver & black; but a luxurious take on connector chains with jewel encrusted chains in both silver and gold

Shop Internally Threaded Tops here & Connector Chains here

Bewitching Navel Jewellery

Gothic Navel Jewellery by Impaler Body Jewellery

Navel piercing jewellery featured - Sacred Shrine Belly Ring, Venomous Scorpion Belly Ring, Fleur-de-Lis 14kt Gold Plated Belly Ring

Say goodbye to mundane belly piercing jewellery and hello to Impaler's gothic belly jewellery collection. These navel rings are not only a stunning statement but drip with luxury, crafted out of surgical steel, titanium, and even 14kt gold like the Fleur De Lis Gold-Plated Belly Ring! With low-rise jeans on trend this year - the Sacred Shrine Belly Ring with its red jewel pendant and cascading chains is the perfect maximalist belly ring to show off. If it's a simple statement for everyday wear you're chasing, the Venomous Scorpion Belly Ring is THE belly jewellery essential for goths. 

Shop Navel Piercing Jewellery here

Lavish Tunnels & Plugs 

Gothic Tunnels & Plugs by Impaler Body Jewellery

Navel piercing jewellery featured - In Memoriam Coffin Plugs, Antrum Plated Skull Tunnels, Chiroptera Black Plated Bat Tunnels

Goths and stretched ears? name a better duo - I'll wait. These ear stretchers & tunnels are far from basic - Impaler brings us stretched ear jewellery ranging from ghoulishly gothic stretchers like the Chiroptera Black Plated Bat Tunnels and the Antrum Black Plated Skull Tunnels to stretcher jewellery crafted from crystals such as the In Memoriam Coffin Plugs made of black obsidian and the In Bloom Rose Plugs which come in both amethyst and black agate. If It's something with a little bling you're chasing, Impaler also offers Opalite Silver Plated Tunnels! Impaler's inclusive and generous sizing ranges anywhere from 6mm to 25mm in their stretchers, so whether you have baby plugs or are a stretching pro, Impaler has you covered! 

Shop Tunnels & Plugs here

Industrial Piercing Jewellery

Gothic Industrial Piercing Barbells by Impaler Body Jewellery

Industrial piercing jewellery featured -  Coronet Gold Plated Industrial Barbell, Gold Morningstar Industrial Barbell, Cuffed Industrial Barbell

Whether you call them industrial piercings or scaffold piercings, Impaler's collection of industrial piercing jewellery is to die for! With a selection ranging from the Coronet pink gem heart toting gold-plated industrial bar to the bad-ass weaponry of the Morningstar Industrial Barbell which comes in silver, black and gold; this range of industrial barbells has something for everyone! Impaler's range of industrial piercings also include the stunning & flexible Cuffed Industrial Barbell, which features the cutest 'lil pair of handcuffs connecting each barbell! 

Shop Industrial Barbells here

Pictured a gothic regency style model wearing gothic piercing jewellery by Impaler

From the intricate septum rings to the daring industrial barbells, each piece of Impaler's jewellery embodies the essence of individuality and quality craftsmanship. With a commitment to both style and durability, Impaler's collection elevates the piercing game, offering a diverse array of options to adorn your body with unparalleled elegance. So, whether you're seeking statement septum jewellery or ghoulishly gothic tunnels, Impaler is here to redefine your aesthetic with luxury that lasts.

Ready to elevate your piercing game? Explore the full collection of Impaler Body Jewellery here.

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