Introducing Mystery Box Tasters!

Introducing Mystery Box Tasters!

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Phew, we're just pooped out at Tragic HQ after the mania of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Even though we're all shuffling around like zombies, we're super excited because each and every one of our mystery box drops sold out in minutes! You guys really turn these drops into an event and we're so keen so see you unbox your goodies!


That being said, because these boxes are so limited, some of you will understandably be feeling that dreaded FOMO.  If one of your friends was lucky enough to snag our most recent Black Friday/White Chaos box, you may have seen a lot of hype going around on socials as everyone excitedly showed off their treats with pics and heaps of emojis. Rude!


Fear not, dear friends! We have just the thing!


If you've ever been keen to try a box but never took the plunge because you weren't sure about the treats or simply missed out in the flurry of launch, now's your chance to jump in!





Mystery Box Tasters are bursting with an assortment of the best treats from previous boxes, so you may even score something you've missed or envied your mates for snagging! Find everything from witchy treats, spooky homewares and luxury vegan body products.


Get your hands on super exclusive treats you can't find anywhere else in store, or annoy your friend into FINALLY getting a box because dude!  They're tottaly worth it!


These tasters are available in small for $66 and large for $99 to suit yer budget. Each box is valued at $100 RRP and $150 RRP respectively, so there's a lot of value packed into these babies!

Grab one for yourself or as a last minute gift for an indecisive goth here!

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