Mystery Box FAQs

Mystery Box FAQs

What's in it?
Hey now - we can't tell you that! What's the point of a Mystery Box if we'd tell you what's in it? ;)

Our Mystery Boxes have an array of products that take inspiration from everything alternative from to goth to witchy and everywhere in between! The only thing you will be sure not to see in a Mystery Box is clothing due to the variances in sizing. 

What's the best way to make sure I can get a box?
Make sure you are online and signed into the site when they go live! Keep your phone nearby in case you are using Afterpay etc and require authentication. Make sure you are signed into any other third party payment apps you will be using for your purchase, and make sure all your shipping information is saved!

Make sure you set an alarm as our boxes sell out in minutes!

I want both boxes! Gimmie gimmie!
Hell yeah! You're only human, and these boxes are very cool. To make sure you have the best chance of getting both boxes have both product pages open on different tabs and add both to your cart ASAP!

I have work during the day - what about me?
We always have two drops for our Mystery Boxes - one in the morning and one at night. Our Mystery Boxes go live at 9:30am and 7:30pm AEST/Queensland, Australia time.

Are we able to purchase Mystery Boxes on Afterpay?
You can - but be warned you may lose the box when you go to Afterpay. If you would like to use Afterpay, make sure you have your phone with you for verification and are logged into yout Tragic Beautiful account

What if I don't like some of the items in my Mystery Box?
If you receive your box and find something inside you don't feel you'll use we encourage selling them in our Tragic Beautiful Buy Sell Swap Facebook Group. Mystery Box items are often one-off items and are in demand - it won't take long for someone to nab up your items!

Can we use our rewards points with Mystery Boxes?
Sorry. Due to the incredible value in these boxes, we are unable to accept any discounts or rewards redemptions on it.

Can we get a VIP Gift on our purchase?
Unfortunately all Mystery Boxes are packed and ready to go as soon as we drop them, so we cannot give VIP gifts with these purchases.

I'm not sure, is it worth it?
We think so! The items in our Mystery Boxes are often super rare or never to be made again! The RRP of items in our boxes are often significantly higher than the price we sell our Mystery Boxes at - sometimes double the price!

Can I pick up my box from TBHQ?
Hell yeah you can!

I've received my box - yay! Can I post about it in the group?
Now hold up just a second! We want everyone who has purchased a Mystery Box to feel the excitement of opening the lid and seeing the goodies for the first time. Please wait until Mel or Brydie have given the thumbs up in the group before posting your hauls!

As these boxes are sold as a mystery, they are not returnable. If you feel the items are not for you, we encourage you to sell them in our Tragic Beautiful Buy Sell Swap Facebook Group. Mystery Box items are often one-off items and are in demand, so it won't take long for someone to nab it up!

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