Pole dance heels for beginners

Pole dance heels for beginners

9 inch pole heels look daunting when you're starting out, and so they should! This is because learning to walk in heels that high is difficult, let alone pole dancing in them. You'll have more success if you start with a smaller heel, and the great thing about platforms is that some of the height is in the sole, and not all of it in the heel, so they are a little easier to get used to.

What to look for in beginner pole dance heels

Consider how you will be using them when looking at the styles. Chains or studs could be annoying if you do a lot of floor work. Laces could dig in on the pole while you are learning.  You should strongly consider pole heels with an ankle strap to avoid awkward injuries from one flying off. Securely fitting shoes will also help your confidence as you can be sure they will stay in place when you need them to.

beginner pole dance heels

Just because you're a beginner, doesn't mean you can't be extra -  Pleaser Delight 600-38 in purple, and Pleaser Kiss 261

To get started finding your perfect pair of pole heels, look at styles with a 5 to 6 inch heel, like Pleaser Kiss 209. Practice walking around in them at home in between pole classes, so you can get used to them quicker as you bend and move around naturally in them. Smaller heels will often be lighter, which you'll be grateful for when inverting.

Two popular styles of beginner pole dance heels - Pleaser Kiss 209 in black patent and Delight 669 in black & rose gold

We stock and supply Pleaser brand heels because they are specifically designed for pole. You can wear other heels but we highly recommend purchasing proper pole heels as they are designed with extra features such as lightweight platform area, and the durability required.

Pleaser has a sizeable range of pole heels in 5 to 6 inch heel sizes. Check them out here.

 When you are ready for more intermediate pole heels or boots, shop the 7 and 8 inch heel range here.

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