Tarot for beginners

Tarot for beginners

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Tarot for Beginners

Tarot can be an amazing personal tool. It can help guide you in many ways. It is a little daunting though to come in as a beginner! Tarot has been built up to hold so much mystery and mystique, and it’s hard to shake some of the superstitions it’s collected over the years.

Your First Deck.

One of the first superstitions you will come up against as a new Tarot reader is this ‘You are supposed to be gifted your first deck’. I feel though, that the power of tarot has nothing to do with the process of acquiring a deck. Tarot is about empowerment, not about waiting for things to magically appear in your life. If you want to learn tarot, go out and find a deck that speaks to you and call it your own.

Your first deck needs to be a deck that resonates with you both visually and emotionally. You will feel the call and know it is right for you. That said, try to choose a good learning deck. You want to make sure it’s a deck that you can grow with and that’s going to make your learning process easy and enjoyable as well.

Whichever deck you choose, make sure it feels right to you. Tarot is all about intuition. Let yours guide you here strongly.


Learning the cards

This means sitting down, looking deeply at the cards, turning them over, laying them next to each other, feeling them. Spend some time with each card at first – a good few minutes really focussing on each one.

A good practice is to do a daily card pull. Every morning pull a card randomly from the deck then focus strongly on it. Look at its meaning and carry the thought of that card with you all day.

Once you have a resonance with each card, then go through and focus yourself on the books as well. Having a personal relationship with the cards is crucial. The relationship will guide you in your readings.

Journaling is also a great tool for Tarot. Journal your readings and your feelings about cards, journal every day. Journal all your daily pulls and your reflections on them from throughout the day.

Have a space for tarot with good vibes

It is important to have an environment where you are comfortable, relaxed and that is conducive to Tarot readings. You will be opening up and you need to feel safe enough to do so freely.  Some people like to burn sage, candles or resin blends. Some have incense burning, others use plants and crystals to enhance the energy. Whatever feels right for you will help. Even having an intention, like, ‘This is a space where I can be open and free. It is a loving, calming space and I don’t allow non-loving energies,’ can help.

Your headspace is also important. Meditation, baths, just feeling secure and open are key to great readings.


Just do it! Read for yourself, read for your friends, read for your loved ones. Journal, study, read. Start with simple 3 card pulls and progress from there.

Be mindful of yourself, the cards and your intuition & keep learning. Tarot is an amazing practise that anyone who feels the call can participate in if you are prepared to spend the time.


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