Tragic Halloween 2018

Tragic Halloween 2018

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Every year we start getting excited for Halloween months in advance. October is our special month and we have all our best promotions and giveaways. It is also full of events and holidays that are super important to wiccans and pagans and it is the time of year witches love best.

This year we have so much going on! We are giving away a special treat in every order this whole month. We have bath rituals or bath bombs going out to everyone; a different one each week! Plus we have a different special edition postcard with magical artwork EVERY WEEK in October! Four in all to collect.

Check out the gorgeous Victoria Campbell shot by Jessica Bell for Tragic Beautiful. We ventured out at dusk to create magic in the forest.

We used magical items from our collections along with our own individual contributions to welcome October and all it means to us. Ritual collection here.


The fear is limited
To the chills up the spine
Ghosts cling to the living
Spirits cling to good times 

The music and laughter
Binds the trance
The heart beats 
In mysterious rhythms
Paranormal enhanced

Waxing from a Libra moon
The shadow worlds ignite
Young at heart soar forever
In a restless states of fight

The veil of Samhain
Be opened wide
Let wandering soul roam free
As we celebrate another year
   Of Natures selfless deeds ...
Traveler Tim

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