The Mermaid Queen is Making Waves

The Mermaid Queen is Making Waves

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Fanny’s Patreon starts out by saying: Fanny Barlow is creating Magic, fairytales, whimsy and shenanigans. This is 100% the truth in every way.

Fanny is the designer of the super cute Chubby Mermaid makeup brushes, (see them here) and unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have noticed the rave reviews for them popping up everywhere online. 

 Where? Oh, I dunno. Just maybe Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Refinery 21 and about a million more places. Fanny shot Mermaid Salon to viral fame with the creation of the Chubby Mermaid, but she has been around and kicking and designing amazing shiz for over a decade before all this. Prior to Mermaid Salon, Fanny was and still is an exceptional makeup artist, and is also a hairdresser who creates some amazing magical mermaid looks. She has also designed hair accessories, bags, leggings, (including the original mermaid scaled leggings) and mermaid dresses.

Mermaid Salon is one of the most innovative and inspirational makeup and beauty brands around. 

Fanny has been insanely busy expanding the brand, moving warehouses, designing and creating a multitude of new makeup brushes, holographic cases, soaps including OMG …. a fortune telling soap!!! SQUEE! Now keep it under your hat but Tragic Beautiful might just be getting their very own Mermaid Salon made vegan soap as black as night. FINALLY a way to find out your future while getting squeaky clean but in a super goth way WITH SPARKLES. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! 

Anyhoo, what I am saying in a drawn out way is that Fanny has been super super busy. Yet even during this chaotic growth, she has found time to do something close to her, and our, hearts. Fanny has recently put together a Patreon called Making Waves. Each month you get an insane subscription box full of goodies by Mermaid Salon and other independent and local artists. This month’s box is valued at over $120! Woah. CHECK IT OUT YO!

Not only that, but this isn’t to make a profit. This is to give back. So, for every MAKE WAVES box purchased this month - a person living rough will receive a pack of items to help them stay comfortable and clean. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary products, mouthwash, face wipes, snacks, tissues, shampoo etc. This time of the year is awful to be homeless or sleeping rough in Australia. There just aren’t enough resources available. This is why we are super pumped to promote Making Waves. There really are people out there who care and want to give back <3 

We are mermaids! We have a great fear of shallow living and together we can make waves!

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