theproserpina reviews Lime Crime

theproserpina reviews Lime Crime

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It’s that time again… REVIEW TIME!
This week I’m reviewing the new Lime Crime trio. The trio was released just before Christmas and has been a huge success. Last week the colours were released as singulars and makeup lovers are raving!
We all know Lime Crime has had a bumpy history, however, since the website breach early last year they have been forced to boost their game. Product manufacturing has peaked! A year ago, where almost all products were simultaneously sold out on a regular basis, you now see products consistently in stock and orders being prepped and posted in no time at all.
Recently Lime Crime have been doing so well that they decided to start selling their products in Australia, again… but only to a special few (Tragic Beautiful, hehe!)
So let’s begin!
The first colour I swatched was “BUFFY”, cousin to best seller “CASHMERE”.

Now we all know “CASHMERE” was best known for its unusual grey/beige (‘greige’) tones. Well, “BUFFY” is more of a sandy beige. On my pale skin tone is was very orangey, which I really liked. On a darker skin tone I would hazard a guess to say that the orange tones wouldn’t be as harsh and it would be a more of a true nude colour. Either way, it didn’t disappoint!

The application was super easy and although the lipstick appears thin, it took barely 2 layers for full flawless coverage!
Overall, I’m very happy with this shade.

 Next we have “BEET IT”, advertised as a shade of ‘deep wine’. This colour came out different to how I expected. It appeared to be more of a maroon tone against my skin. Again, however, I believe it would be more of a deep berry against a darker skin tone.
The formula was thinner and took a few more layers to get a completely flawless look, however I don’t doubt that it may have just been my particular bottle.

Finally, my favourite of the trio… “PEACOCK”.
A gorgeous, deep blue/green that truly does resemble the feature colour of a Peacock. This colour is flawless, I am utterly in love with it. I have yet to find another shade like this in the enormous world that is the matte lipstick world.
This shade definitely matches how Lime Crime has advertised it, which, in my opinion, is rare. Not just for Lime Crime but several other brands I use/have used. A lot of their advertised swatches are very different to how the actual lipstick appears in real life, which can be extremely frustrating, so to have a shade that is really true to form makes me so happy! Especially one as stunning as “PEACOCK”.

Just like “BUFFY”, this lipstick went on really smoothly, seemingly a thin formula that applies super thick and dries to a perfect matte.
When I first bought the trio I never expected to enjoy this shade as much as I do. I was never one for blues or greens, but as soon as I applied this I instantly fell in love and 10/10 recommend.
Don’t be afraid to try something new and unusual, darlings, it can be well worth it in the end!

Well that brings me to the end of my second blog for Tragic Beautiful. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Leave suggestions on the Tragic Beautiful Instagram page for my next review!

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