Creative Director: Tara Leigh

Photographer: Tara Leigh

Wardrobe: Tragic Beautiful

Makeup: Lauren Ripoli

Models: Jazz Hirst, Kayla Tabag & Rebecca Bentley

Clothing credits: 

Tragic Beautiful Bad Habits Peter Pan Collar Dress, Killstar Bast Maxi Dress, Killstar Pentagram Maxi Dress,  Killstar Pentagram Necklace, Widow Seance Lace Handkerchief Dress, Chicstar Titania Blouse, Jawbreaker Narcissa Skirt, Widow Eternity Lace Maxi Skirt, Widow Waxing Moon Triangle Bra, Widow Waxing Moon Bikini Pants, Restyle Della Morte Necklace, Chicstar Veronica Coat, Punk Rave Tristania Coat.

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