What's On Our Wishlists? The Tragic Office Team

What's On Our Wishlists? The Tragic Office Team

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The big day is almost here! Days in Tragic HQ are getting crazier and crazier and we're sending out all the goodies with record speeds. With all the gifts we're sending out to our lovely Tragics, it's hard not to get inspired and add to our own little wishlists.

To get into the spirit of giving and getting, we took a little Q&A around the Tragic office to see which goodies we're hoping Santa Clawz will drop down our chimneys this Xxxmas!

Our marketing whiz is definitely planning to have a relaxing time in these holidays. What's the bet she waltzes into the office in those shiny creepers on the first day back?


Bri, this is supposed to be your wishlist! Not just stuff your girlfriend keeps dropping subtle hints for! Stop being so niiiiice!

Looks like Mel K has big plans for an at home spa session these holidays. Treat yourself Mel, you've earned it!


Codi's putting a whole iconic outfit together! Those Shaker 52s are just to DIE for!

As always, I want a little of everything. Handbags covered in piercings are a workplace essential, right?

What's on your wishlist this Xxxmas? We hope Santa Clawz brings you everything you want these unholydayz.

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