1. The promotion will begin on 1/12/2021 and run until all Slash It scratch cards have been issued.
  2. Customers must make a purchase of any total value to receive a Slash It scratch Card, which will be packaged with their purchased items and sent out via Australia Post.


  1. The top prize is a $250 Tragic Beautiful gift voucher valid for use across the entire Tragic Beautiful store (excluding the purchase of additional gift vouchers).
  2. There are 5 runner up prizes of $50 gift vouchers valid for use across the entire Tragic Beautiful store (excluding the purchase of additional gift vouchers).
  3. Other prizes include percentage and amount discounts on future purchases, gifts valued between $5 and $20


  1. The total prize pool is valued at $3000
  2. Entry is eligible for Australian & international residents of all ages.
  3. One slash it card will be issued per order. If a single customer makes multiple consecutive orders that are combined in one package, one card for each order will still be included. i.e., 3 orders for one customer combined in a single package will still receive 3 Slash It Cards.
  4. The top prizes of the $250 and $50 gift vouchers will be issued via email in the form of a code to be entered at checkout.
  5. Customers who have won the top prizes will be required to provide proof of their win via Instagram or Facebook messenger, website chat or by emailing This message must contain the customer’s name, order number, email and photographic evidence of the Slash It card. Customers can also provide proof in person by bringing their card to the Tragic Beautiful warehouse in Meadowbrook.
  6. Tragic Beautiful requires that the winners of the top prizes of the $250 and $50 vouchers provide their personal and contact information in order to redeem their prize. If the customer does not provide their contact information, they may not be able to redeem their prize.
  7. Smaller prizes of discounts and gifts are issued in the form of codes to be used at checkout.
  8. Gifts are not able to be redeemed individually, their codes must be entered at checkout as part of a new order and the gift will be included with this order.
  9. There is no minimum purchase required for the gifts or discounts to be applied unless otherwise specified by conditions printed on the Slash-It card.
  10. Sharing discount codes revealed on the Slash It cards in person or on social media will result in the code being invalidated.
  11. As this competition is based on chance rather than merit or entered by submitting a form, the customers who have won the top prizes will not be announced on social media.
  12. In the event that the top prizes are not claimed, they will not be reissued.
  13. Discount codes and gifts won from the “slash it” cards must be redeemed by 28/2/2022, 11.59pm.
  14. Orders containing pre-order shoes that have been made before the start date of 1/12/2021 and sent out in December are not eligible for a Slash It card.
  15. In the event that an order arrives without a Slash It card while stock still available i.e. the card was accidentally missed in the packing process, a customer may contact Tragic Beautiful and request that it be sent. This card will then be sent out via a standard envelope.


  1. This competition is not run in association with Instagram, Facebook by Meta, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Tumblr or any other social media platform.
  2. Tragic Beautiful is not responsible the delay of order arrivals containing the Slash It cards or gifts as packages are handled by Australia Post or, in the case of internationally bound packages, locally based postal services.