The Star Tarot Card Reading


Before unpacking your order, focus on the purpose of this reading. Are you seeking insight into your career? Your love life? Finances?

When you open your package, pay close attention: the position the card lays in relative to your body when you first spot it will determine whether your card is upright or reversed. If your card is code side up when you first see it, flip it over quickly to let your intuition speak for you.

A single card pull can reveal much about your current state. When you first saw it, what was your immediate reaction? This is your inner voice speaking, a powerful guide providing you with the most important information you need to know upfront. Meditate on this reaction while you reflect on the reading; we suggest making notes in a journal to see if there are any patterns with subsequent card pulls. If you’ve received a sample of our teas, take heed of these readings as you perform your ritual as your card’s guidance will help you manifest your goals.


The Star is shining bright and nothing can get you down! Harness this positive energy and apply it to every aspect of your life: keep your hopes up in your job hunting endeavours, studying for your exams and finding new companions. Your shining star will attract positive people to be sure to share the good vibes around! Also, take the time to invest this positivity back into yourself: this is fertile ground for personal growth and all of your effort will pay dividends in the days to come.

Encountering the Star twice in upright position indicates that you’re absolutely overflowing with giving energy. Use this to give back to the world: spend your spare time volunteering, donate to a charity, or give a newbie who is struggling at work a hand using knowledge gained from your years of experience.


It looks like you’re feeling down in the dumps because it seems like all of the worst things life could throw at you have been…well, thrown at you! This is the universe testing your fortitude: are you going to break over a few curveballs, or are you gonna dust yourself off and power through? Even when it’s showing you tough love, the universe always has your back. Learn to have trust in yourself and your ability to go with the flow and soon all of these trifles will be like water off a duck’s back.

Encountering the Star in reversed position twice shows that all of your motivation has up and disappeared. You might have started out on an art project, a new hobby, or a project at work with all of these big ideas but it seems the spark of inspiration has fizzled out. This is a sign that you need to take a break! You’re putting too much pressure on yourself to be the next Da Vinci: take a day off to reconnect with what you love the most and what inspired you to create in the first place.