Full Moon Spells

Full Moon Spells

Working with the full moon means there is BIG and potent energy ready for you to harness and is a powerful time for performing spells. We have included our top 4 favourite full moon spells that you can easily follow for this upcoming full moon. 

Working with the moons energy will help boost the power and success of your spells. Although you can cast spells at any time, certain moon phases will aid you in achieving maximum results. 

Working with the full moon means there is BIG and potent energy ready for you to harness and is a powerful time for performing spells. The full moon is perfect for setting intentions and conducting spells around attraction, self-love, exploring and finding your true path and purpose in life. 

The full moon occurs once approximately every 28 days. Witches traditionally celebrate their relationship with the divine at this time - this celebration is called an esbat, which means meeting with others in a coven or simply the divine.

There are many methods of conducting spells, we have included our top 4 favourite methods that you can easily follow for this upcoming full moon.



  1. Prepare for your spell by setting up your altar essentials.
  2. Cleanse yourself, altar and space by ringing your altar bell or burning your smoke cleansing stick while reciting aloud or in your head:

    "Malicious energy, spirits & intentions must begone"

  3. Hold each herb one at a time in your hands and ask for their help with their specific magickal correspondence you are utilising before placing it in your cauldron or mixing bowl. For example:

    "Sacred Lotus, aid me in promoting love & pleasant thoughts"

  4. Once you have followed step 3 for all your herbs, close your eyes and mix the herbs together using your hands. Envision their magickal properties working to achieve your desired result. Imagine a warm glow coming from your hands that is connecting with your herbs and activating their correspondences. This process can take as long as you feel is necessary for you to work your intentions through.
  5. When you feel your herbs have been charged with your intentions, you are ready to conduct your spell using your preferred method. This could include adding the herbs to a mojo bag to place under your pillow or carry on you, dressing a spell candle with the herbs or adding the herbs to a spell bath. 



A mojo spell bag is the easiest and most beginner-friendly method of creating a spell. Simply follow the above steps and your ingredients are ready to place inside your mojo spell bag! You could even add in a crystal(s) to further amplify the effects of your spell, such as a rose quartz. You can carry your mojo spell bag on you and also place it under your pillow while you sleep. A mojo spell bag is effective until you can no longer smell the herbs scent from the bag. Before you go creating a new one, lightly "smash" the bag with your fingers and you may smell their scent again. If you cannot smell their scent, this means it is time to create a new one if you wish. 


Spell candles are a very popular form of magick and are best done by dressing your spell candle using herbs that have been charged with your intentions. Any messages the universe or your spirit guides and ancestors wish to pass on to you can be communicated via the flames as the candle burns. Spell candles bring a lot of energy and is a highly recommended method for a full moon spell to take advantage of the moons energy under this phase!

To perform a candle spell using the above ingredients, follow the below steps: 

  1. Select your preferred candle colour using our Simple Guide to Candle Magic. For example, a red candle would be best for a self-love spell. 
  2. Anoint your candle using an oil of your choice. This is important so your herbs can stick to your candle. 
  3. After anointing your candle, you can now dress your candle with the herbs you mixed together earlier. It's easiest to lay down your candle, grab a handful of herbs and sprinkle them across your candle, rotating the candle and sprinkling more on top until you have covered your candle. 
  4. Once your candle has been completely dressed, place this in a candle holder away from flammable items. 
  5. When you're ready, light your spell candle with a lighter or match. Make sure you are sitting by your candle and watching the flame the entire time. Your spell candle will burn big and will induce a hypnotising feeling. Sometimes the images that appear in your flame can also help give you an idea if your spell was successful! 


Spell baths are an extremely effective and relaxing method for conducting spells. These will take a little longer than the above methods as it is best to air dry and avoid showering or bathing again for another 12-24 hours to allow the spell to keep working and achieve its maximum benefit. It is recommended to take a separate bath or shower beforehand for this reason. 

To perform a spell bath using the above ingredients, follow the below steps:

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water. Add some ambience to your bathroom by playing soothing music, lighting incense, candles or even incorporating a spell candle as mentioned above with your bath!
  2. Add the herbs you mixed together earlier into the baths water. You could also add in some drops of essential oil if you wish. 
  3. When you're ready, sit in the bath and wash your body and hair with the infused water. Do not use a body wash or anything else within this bath.
  4. Lay in the bath until the water gets cold. 
  5. Once the water goes cold, you can get out of the bath. As mentioned earlier, it is best to air dry and avoid showing or bathing again for another 12-24 hours.


The full moon is an excellent time for exploring your true path and finding your purpose in life. To do so, you need to release anything that is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. This releasing spell can be done on its own or before any other spellwork you wish to perform. 

  1. Write down on a piece of paper anything you are ready to release.
  2. Once you have written everything out, fold the paper several times and place it inside a fire-safe cauldron or bowl.
  3. Light the edges of your paper on fire using your lighter, match or flame from a candle and watch the flame burn away everything that is holding you back. 
  4. Once this has completely burned to ash, either bury the ashes outside or flush them down the toilet.

Safe witches are clever witches, never leave a flame unattended and always be prepared to safely put out a fire if needed.

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Written by Melissa Belle, Tragic's Witchcraft Consultant. 

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