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Altar Cloths

Altar Cloths

Wicca shares one major element with various other religions around the globe: the use of an altar with sacred objects to honour and communicate with the divine. The altar is widely considered to be the central physical focus of Wiccan spiritual activity, as it hosts the rituals for Sabbats and Esbats, as well as any personal rituals and/or spell work that practitioners wish to engage in. Altar cloths are a pivotal part of your altar and help set the intention. 

Tragic Beautiful offers a beautiful range of high-quality altar cloths made with a range of fabrics and designs for all of our Australian and international customers.


An altar cloth is a cloth made of linen, cotton, or similar material that is lain across a surface of spiritual significance to generate awe and respect towards the object of prayer and worship.  It also doubly serves to protect the items placed on top and the surface beneath.

In Wicca, altar cloths are usually black due to the colours protective properties as well as to represent wisdom. The pattern should be something that speaks to you and carries personal significance.

Altar cloths don't necessarily have to be plain over tables, you can also use them as decorative tapestries to hang above your altar or around the house as a unique decor accessory.


The beauty of altars is that they are a form of creative expression, so you can make yours as minimal or as extra as your heart desires—whatever feels right for you. 

Write out your spiritual intentions, such as what you’re trying to call into your life, the energy you’re trying to embody, or ancestors you’d like support from. If you’re writing an intention, try something like, “I am attracting more love and prosperity into my life” or “I am cultivating the feeling of safety and peace in my body.” Once you have those answers, start gathering items that have the vibe of what you just wrote out.

What should you place on your altar? Crystals, Candles, Written prayers, spells, or rituals, Flowers, Statues, Pictures or objects that remind you of what you’re manifesting, Beloved books, A journalTarot and oracle cards, Incense. But again, you can place anything special and meaningful to you on your altar, even if it’s not traditionally considered magickal or spiritually significant.

Whatever you include on your altar, something for protection, such as a white and red candle, is a must. These two colours fight off negativity. Other protective elements include a decorative jar or a small glass bottle of black salt and a piece of pyrite and a piece of tourmaline quartz. We recommend lighting your candle at least once a day while you meditate to strengthen your altar’s protection powers.