Masterwort: Magickal Properties & Uses

Masterwort: Magickal Properties & Uses

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Masterwort (Imperatoria Ostruthium), also known as "master root" (also what they call me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) or simply "master of the woods," is a perennial herb with a long history of use in various folk traditions, including witchcraft. Valued for its magickal properties, masterwort is believed to possess protective qualities and is often used in spells and rituals aimed at warding off negative energies or evil spirits. Masterwort has also been utilised in herbal medicine for its potential medicinal benefits, such as its purported ability to aid digestion and alleviate discomforts associated with various ailments.

Curious about masterwort and it's significance in witchcraft & beyond? Read below to learn more about this powerful herb! 

IMPORTANT: The sap from masterwort can cause phototoxicity if it comes into contact with the skin. The degree of reaction varies by individual. Masterwort is mildly toxic and large doses can cause hallucinations. Masterwort should not be used during pregnancy.

Masterwort's Magickal Properties

Masterwort is revered in the realm of magick for its commanding and authoritative properties. Believed to hold the potent ability to dominate and control situations, this herb is a cornerstone in various magical practices.

Corresponding to the fierce energy of Mars and the element of Fire, masterwort serves as a catalyst for courage, strength, and protection in spells and rituals. Whether ground down into a powder with a mortar & pestle or brewed into a decoction, it is said to compel resident spirits to reveal themselves, ensuring a space free from malevolent forces.

Carrying the root in a mojo bag acts as a shield against evil influences, while planting it near doorways serves as a barrier against unwelcome entities. In the realm of mastery over circumstances and adversaries, masterwort empowers practitioners to develop psychic abilities, gain control, attract luck and money, and assert dominance over foes. Its versatile and potent nature makes it an indispensable tool for those seeking empowerment and protection in the mystical realm.

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Masterwort's Medicinal Benefits

Masterwort boasts a range of medicinal benefits rooted in its rich herbal properties. Traditionally utilised in herbal medicine, masterwort is esteemed for its digestive properties, known to alleviate discomforts such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties contribute to its efficacy in treating various ailments, including respiratory infections and urinary tract disorders. Masterwort is valued for its ability to support overall immune function, aiding in the body's natural defences against illness. Master root's astringent qualities make it a popular choice for topical applications, assisting in wound healing and skin conditions. With all medicinal herbs - make sure to consult a healthcare professional before adding masterwort to your medicine cabinet as it mildly toxic & can cause phototoxicity and hallucinations - do not consume especially while pregnant.

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