Simple Protection Spells

Simple Protection Spells

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite methods of casting simple protection spells for beginners that can be as easy as hanging up protective wards throughout your home to conducting regular spells and rituals!

Simple Protection Spells | Photograph of the altar setup of a protection spell

There are many different protection methods in witchcraft you can utilise.

They can be as simple as hanging protective wards throughout your home or you can conduct regular spells and rituals, depending on your needs. Having some form of magickal protection set up is recommended to assist in preventing your energy from being drained by outside forces and maintaining a peaceful mind. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite methods of casting simple protection spells below.

Protective Herbs

Herbs with protective properties are necessary for effective spellwork.

Some herbs have protective correspondences for a specific circumstance, for example; Chamomile drives away nightmares while you sleep, Mugwort protects from psychic attacks, and Bladderwrack offers travel protection. Black Witches Salt is extremely useful for protection and strongly recommended for casting a protective circle during spellwork and even around your bed. Keep your apothecary stocked up and ready to go so you're always prepared to craft powerful spells. We offer a range of protective herbs here

Mojo Spell Bags for Protection

The most simple method of creating a protection spell is by creating a mojo spell bag with protective herbs and crystals that can be carried with you at all times, placed beside your bed or inside your pillow for protection while you sleep. Mojo spell bags are useful until you can no longer smell the herbs.

You Will Need

The Ritual

  1. Cleanse your area by burning your cleansing stick or ringing your altar bell while reciting the following out loud or in your mind:
    "Any malicious energies, spirits & intentions must leave now"
  2. Hold your chosen crystal in your hands, and ask for it's magickal correspondence, for example:
    "Black Onyx, assist me with protection, willpower, focus & strength”
  3. Place your crystal in the cauldron. Now, grab your herb/s one at a time, holding them in your hands and asking for their assistance using their particular magickal correspondence, for example:
    "Witch Hazel, protect me from negativity"
  4. Place the herbs in your cauldron or bowl, close your eyes and mix your herbs in your cauldron or bowl, while picturing the magickal properties bringing you your desired result. Envision a warm glow radiating from your hands, connecting you with your herbs, activating their properties.
  5. Now, take your herbs and place them inside your mojo spell bag
  6. Add your chosen crystal into your mojo bag
  7. Carry your mojo spell bag in your pocket or in your handbag, and place it underneath your pillow before sleep.


Another effective method is protection spell jars. Simply sound cleanse with an altar bell or smoke cleanse with incense inside the jar, layer with protective ingredients including herbs and crystals. Egg shells are also a fantastic protective ingredient. The reason for this is because egg shells protect baby birds/foetus' from outside forces and threats in the wild, so this same theory can be applied into your practice by using its protective correspondence to ward off malicious spirits, intent and unwanted energies. You can buy pre-crushed egg shells or pull the egg out of its shell and grind the egg shell into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle.


There are various symbols that can act as independent wards such as pentagrams, wind chimes, nazar (evil eye), skulls, ravens and cats. You can further enhance its protective effect by enchanting it with oils and herbs. For example, I have a Hanging Willow Branch Pentagram hung in my bedroom that I've lightly enchanted with Lavender OilAgrimony, Catnip and Peppermint. This helps protect me from unwanted energies and inducing peaceful sleep. 


Set up crystals with protective properties throughout your home or to use in spellwork such as Obsidian, Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Crystal necklaces not only are a beautiful accessory to wear, they can also be helpful for protection if the crystal has protective correspondences - its properties can be further enhanced through enchantments as well. If you'd like a protection necklace that's ready to use, check out our Black Tourmaline Crystal Rough Necklace.

Vial necklaces are perfect for creating a simple protection spell with - simply add protective oils, herbs & crystals into the vial and you have a gorgeous protection amulet to wear. 


Teas are a fantastic way to bring a lil' bit of kitchen magick into your daily ritual. Choose a tea blend or create your own with protective herbs that are safe to ingest. Keep your intention in mind while brewing and sipping your tea. Our Guardian Angel Queen of Cups Tea is a delightful hand-created protection blend that comes with a card containing a ritual for use while brewing your tea to aid you in your spellcraft. 


Simple Protection Spells | Close up photograph of the altar setup for a protection spell



  1. Set up and make room on your altar or spellcrafting space for the above tools
  2. Hold the Protection Blend in your hands while reciting:
    "Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosemary & Sacred Lotus, provide me with protection from energies, spirits & people with harmful intentions"
  3. Drop the blend into your cauldron.
  4. Mix the blend with your hands while envisioning the herbs protective properties working to achieve your desired result. 
  5. Take your candle and annoint it by drawing the oil from the center of the candle upward, and then downwards
  6. Lay your candle on the altar plate & sprinkle a handful of your herbs over the candle while rolling it
  7. Once the candle is covered, place your dressed candle in the candle holder or bowl, away from flammable objects & other flames
  8. Now, light your spell candle with your lighter or match
  9. Sit by your candle and watch it the whole time it burns. It will burn bright and induce a hypnotic feeling. 

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