Persephone's Return | Spring & Ostara Herbal Blend | Illustration of roses, cornflower, spearmint, and rosemary on a yellow background with a black ribbon banner on top of them that reads #TRAGICBOUNTIFUL

Persephone's Return: A Herbal Blend To Celebrate Spring & Ostara

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According to classic Greek myth, Demeter is the mother-goddess of fertility, grain, and the harvest. It was her daughter Persephone's abduction by Hades to the underworld that caused the world to fall into death and decay, with Demeter's despair manifesting Winter. It is only with Persephone's return to Demeter for two-thirds of the year that Spring arrives, chasing away the misery and chill and allowing the world to grow anew.  

Image of Persephone's Return Spring herb blend for witchcraft & alchemy

Persephone's Return is a limited-edition herb blend, lovingly mixed by our talented Tragic team as a part of our Tragic Bountiful spring celebration. In each sachet, you will find the following spring herbs whose colour magick also represents the season:

Magick herb blend of roses, peppermint and cornflower.


Weave some of the blend into a garland and place it at entries to your home and on your altar. Place as an offering on your altar to pay tribute to the deities of Spring and Ostara. Sprinkle in your bath to cleanse yourself for the new season. Carry a sachet or create a mojo bag with seasonal crystals (rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, carnelian) for abundance and prosperity.

In addition to using your herbs, painting eggs and gathering wildflowers are a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Go outside and bask in the spring sunshine!