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Balance your energy, promote spiritual healing or generate an aura of protection for your home with Tragic Beautiful’s huge range of crystals!  With a veritable mineral rainbow of options sourced locally in Australia, we stock universal healers like versatile clear quartz, stunning amethyst clusters and selenite charging plates and bowls. Discover unique shapes like clusters, palm stones, crystal hearts, generator towers and spheres.

Those looking for divination tools and ceremonial pieces can check out our range of Viking Futhark rune sets, wands, crystal pendulums, athames and daggers.

Practised crystal healers may also be interested in our crystal grids and guidebooks that provide everything you need for all those new rituals you’ve been keen to try.  And for those who simply like to collect crystals for their shine like a glittering raven, we offer beautiful décor pieces featuring polished rose quartz, stunning fluorite points and so much more!



Cleansing is incredibly important as your stones must be returned to their natural state before use.  Different purchasing sources and even how they travel to you will throw their energies out of alignment and they need to be attuned before they can resonate with your own.  Luckily, there are many ways to do this so you can prep your crystals in a way that feels most comfortable and personal.

The first is running water, a natural stream is best so take a day minutes to reattune yourself to nature and ground your energies as well!  Run your crystals under flowing water for a minute per single stone.  You can also collect seawater or dissolve sea salt in tap water at home and give them a good soak for 48 hours.  Be warned: water cleansing works best for hard stones such as quartz varieties as softer varieties like selenite and malachite may chip or wash away!

Bathing your gems in natural light is another option.  Laying them in direct contact with the earth is best and it's best to let them lay for 10-12 hours.  If you lay them out at midnight and collect them before 11 am, they will receive exposure to the healing light of both the sun and moon.  Please avoid using vibrant stones or any that can be damaged with overexposure to the sun, such as amethyst or brittle stones like selenite.  Please also be aware that stones can refract light and heat and start fires so please take extra care in dry, fire-prone areas!

By far the most accessible cleansing method is the use of larger stones.  This method is great for those who live further from natural light or water sources and can be used for all crystals with no limitations!  This is done by laying your smaller crystals on a larger “universal healer” stone such as an amethyst cluster or a selenite slab and resting them for 24 hours.  The larger stones vibrations will remove all negative energies over this day period.


Crystals can be used in a variety of ways to promote healing, spiritual growth, provide protection and so much more! 

For beginners, we recommend simply carrying a crystal with you throughout the day.  Whether you wear it on your person as jewellery, carry it in a mojo bag with other herbs to strengthen its inherent properties or simply keep it in your pocket to touch whenever you need to draw strength or centre yourself.  For this, we would recommend smaller stones such as points or tumbled gems in a hardy variety such as quartz varieties, topaz and fluorite as they’re sure to be knocked about as you carry them.

Laying your crystals in a grid can amplify their power-you can do this on a pre-made grid or even draw one yourself!  We recommend using pre-made grids for beginners as the patterns are quite intricate and to this end, we sell a variety of wooden grids that come with everything you need here.

Simply having crystals around your home will shift the energy of your sacred space, plus they just look stunning!  You can also place gems upon your altar to give it a boost of earthen energy.

There’s no limit on how crystals can enrich your life and promote healing, connect with fellow healers, discover their meanings and check out guidebooks for more inspiration and engaging in a wonderful, welcoming community!